How To Use Mobi Thermometer At Home (Details Guide)

To check your child’s body temperature quickly and easily with a dual-mode Mobi thermometer which can be used in the ear or forehead. It measures the temperature in just three seconds which is so convenient especially when you have to check the temperature of a large group of people like in the hospital or schools. 

So if you are also feeling the need to purchase this excellent device then you must also know How To Use Mobi Thermometer at home following our step-by-step guideline and also we’ll let you know its key features, and much more. 

In this pandemic this device has become a staple in every school, office, hospital, you name it. The most important fact about this mochi thermometer is that it is so easy to use that almost anyone can use it even your kids. 

How To Use Mobi Thermometer

How To Use Mobi Thermometer is small and extremely light in weight. The reason behind this is to make it easy to carry and measure the temperature of a large number of people at a time without any hassle. 

With the packaging, you’ll get some instructions manual which you should read for better understanding. It requires two double-A batteries which also come with the packaging. There is a large screen on top which shows the temperature and the setting menial with a sticker on top. So you need to take it off when using it. 

How To Use Mobi Thermometer

If you take a look around this Mobi thermometer you’ll notice speaks on the right side, the earplug with a cover at the back, two on-off buttons in the middle, a pulse button on the lower middle side, and in the back bottom there is a slot for the batteries to go inside. 

Setup Manual

There is a small plastic on the battery which you need to take off to start the thermometer power. Then hold on to the set button and you’ll see the screen blinking and then just set up your time and date. 

If you want the thermometer to talk you can press the talk button and it will tell you exactly what it is. At the very top, you see a mode button which is the celsius or Fahrenheit button so you can set it from here. So for set uphold the button and the talk button at the same time and it will change.

One thing you must make sure that before you use this put it in the same room for some time so the device gets accumulated with the room temperature at least for thirty minutes. 

Key Features Of The Mobile Thermometer

With this Mobi thermometer, you can-

  • Monitor body, food, milk, and room temperature
  • It has diagnostic normal/ high fever indicators
  • Its memory recalls at least 50 readings
  • It has a Fahrenheit and Celsius mode that you can choose from 

Using Guidelines Of A Mobi Thermometer   

If you want to take your kid’s ear and forehead temperature then follow the steps down below:

  • First,  press the head button to turn the thermometer on 
  • To measure the temperature via ear, pull out the forehead probe cover from the unit 
  • Then insert the ear probe tip slightly into the ear opening, then press and release the ear button to measure the body temperature
  • Once you hear a short beep the body temperature will be displayed in either Fahrenheit or celsius depending on the setting
  • To measure the temperature of the forehead ensure forehead probe cover is attached
  • Gently touch the entire tip of the probe to the center of the forehead between the eyebrows and the hairline with no excessive hair 
  • Then press and release the head button; you will hear a short beep; the temperature reading has been completed

Liquid Food Temperature

If you want to measure any liquid food temperature press the head button to turn the thermometer on. Ensure that the thermometer is in food mode by pressing both middle of the head and ear buttons once at the same time. 

Food will show up on the display. Hols the thermometer approximately one inch away from the object’s surface. Press, hold and release the ear button towards the measurement sensor at the food. Once you hear the short beep the food temperature will be shown in numbers either in Fahrenheit or celsius depending on the setting.

Memory Function 

With the memory function, you can recall up to 9 to 50 prior measurements stored in memory. Turn on the thermometer, press on the mem button once, and then press it again to show the last measurement. The symbols for ear, forehead, and food will appear with each measurement stored in memory. 

To indicate whether a person’s forehead, ear, or food temperature was taken. Every press of the same button recalls the previous measurement memory. 

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Final Verdict

With all those detailed information now you know the details of how this device works, how you can set it up, what features it has and many more also we hope you have learned How To Use Mobi Thermometer at home with your kids when needed. If you’ve found this helpful let us know about your experience and also give us a quick review of how you’ve felt using this thermometer.

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