How To Hang Even Naturals Mosquito Net (In-Depth Guide)

There is no better way to protect yourself from those disgusting insects or mosquitos in general when you want to camp outside if you use a mosquito net. It might seem so much work to hang it but if you know the right tips then it can be a blessing. So here we’ve explained several ways of How To Hang Even Naturals Mosquito Net with the correct tools. 

How To Hang Even Naturals Mosquito Net | Traditional Mosquito Net 

These kinds of nets are pretty common and are benign used for hundreds of years. They also come very cheaply. These kinds of nets are travel friendly and you can take them anywhere like camping, hotels, etc. these nets are made of meshed polyester fabric which is very stretchable and soft. You can hack your net touching the floor or can also tuck all the hanging sides under your bed.

How To Hang Even Naturals Mosquito Net

This kind of net allows you to use the full space of your bed and the net won’t be touching your skin at night which is the main purpose of using a mosquito net. How To Hang Even Naturals Mosquito Net? So you can hang these nets in many different ways and here we will share some hanging hacks that you can use according to your preference. 

Hack 1

This kind of mosquito net comes with four loops in four corners where you can tie four long strings on all sides. The length of the strings will depend on how large your room is and how far you want to tie them. 

You can tie the strings in trees, or with your furniture around your bed, or if your room is smaller then nail down four nails into the wall and then tie the strings of the net in those nails. That depends on you. 

You can also tie two long ropes; one in your head side and another in your leg side. Then slide through the loops of your net through the rope. This way you can pull off or slide down your net whenever you want and it won’t even bother you when you are not using it.

Hack 2

This hack works great with beds with frames on top. As these beds have frames all over the sides hanging your mosquito net becomes easy. All you need is to drill four smaller holes where you have to install those round hooks. 

This way all you need to do is just insert the four loops of your net into those hooks and they will sit steel. This way you don’t have to hang or take out your nets every day and you will be hassle-free from folding your net all the time. 

Hack 3

This hack works best when you are indoors or in a room. For a more convenient hanging solution, you can use the damage-free hanging hooks which have three pounds holding capacity. These hooks have sticky strips which hold the hooks on the wall. 

You can always reuse the hooks all you need is to buy the strips. These hooks do not damage the surface you stick them on or strip out the wall paint. To take out the hooks slid the hook from the strip which use can use later. For the strips, pull the sticky tab downwards, the strip will come right off.  

Mosquito Net Curtain 

This kind of nets comes in different shapes and sizes and they are mainly used indoors. Usually, this net is suspended in the ceiling or the bed frame. So to install this net follow the instructions down below:

Step 1 

Insert four hooks in the ceiling above the four corners of your bed. Attach cord or line to each ceiling hook allowing enough length for ease of raising the canopy. We suggest from the ceiling hook to just above the bed; using a heavy-duty or large gauge fishing line works well. 

Step 2

Lay ou the ceiling of your mosquito net on the bed ensuring it’s correctly positioned. There are a few options for making your frame out of a curtain rod or PVC conduit. Remember you’ll need four corner pieces. These items are available at the curtain, electrical, or hardware outlets. 

Step 3

Curtain rods must be cut to the size of the mosquito net. After cutting the rods accordingly slide the rods into the sleeve of the net and attach corner elbows. On the final corner, there will be tension as the ceiling of the net is stretched tautly.

Step 4

Loosely tie a cord or line hanging from the ceiling to the plastic elbows being aware that it will be necessary to loosen these knots again as a canopy is raised. Now raise the net corner by corner tying and untying the cord until the correct height is reached. This may take several circuits of the canopy and a ladder may be required.

Once the desired height is reached tie firmly. The correct height is a personal choice as some people will want the net to touch the floor. Especially for insect protection. While others will prefer a higher net. 

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Final Verdict

So now you know your options about How To Hang Even Naturals Mosquito Net to be hanged and you can apply these tips and tricks according to your choice. If you’ve found this how-to hang even a naturals mosquito net article helpful then make sure to let us know. 

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