How To Install 2 Sump Pumps In One Pit | 4 Easy Step

If you have proper knowledge of How to Install 2 Sump Pumps in one Pit and a guideline you can do it yourself.  Sump pumps are submersible pumps designed and their purpose is to move water that accumulates. Whether it be runoff from basement moisture, accumulated water in the basement, or in a drain situation where you don’t have a line that moves the water to the drain system, you can incorporate it in a tank and a sump pump will force the water to the outside or to some other area when the water accumulates to a certain depth.

What Does A Sump Pump Do?

These things are called sum pumps because they sit in a sump which is basically a cylindrical opening that goes through the floor of the basement. Usually, there’s some kind of plastic liner with holes in it that keep the dirt out but lets the water in.

So the whole idea here is that the sump pump will pump the water that forms underneath the floor of the basement up and out through these pipes before that water saturation in the soil gets high enough to start leaking into your basement. 

So some basements with sump pumps only run occasionally only a few times a year maybe after heavy rain. Houses that have sump pumps are moderately well run all the time, depending on the soil condition. 

Are Two Sump Pumps Better Than One?

If you’re taking on a lot of water you should maybe consider installing two sump pumps in the same basin. You don’t actually have to have two sump pumps in two separate basins if your crawlspace is kind of small. But if you have a large crawlspace and you have more than a hundred and forty linear feet we always recommend a sump pump and a basin 140 linear feet. 

Tools You’ll Be Needed For Installation

  • A drill with a 3/16 drill bit 
  • Shop vacuum  
  • Primer and PVC cement 
  • Hacksaw
  • Check valve
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Rubber boot
  • Adjustable pipe wrench
  • Zip ties
  • Gloves 
  • Rags 

How To Install 2 Sump Pumps In One Pit

Here we are going to talk about the submersible type pump. One of them is an electric sump pump and another one is a battery backup sump pump. Let’s discuss the whole installation process step by step:

How To Install 2 Sump Pumps In One Pit

Step 1

First, you have to find the lowest spot of your basement or any unfinished area where you can put the pump. Be sure not to locate the sump within four feet of an electric box since that is against code. Also, make sure there are no utility pipes underneath before you start with jackhammering.

Now as you have to fit two pumps in the same pit jackhammer the hole is twice as deep to fit two pumps. But here we will install the first pump at the bottom of the crock and the other one 1.5 inches higher sitting on a 2×4. This is because if the pumps are at the same level they’ll turn on at the same time which you don’t want, as one is there for backup. 

Step 2

When you’re done jackhammering the concrete floor start digging the hole and make sure the surrounding is clean, there is no debris in the pit. Now attach the top of our check valve to the top of your discharge pipe with primer. Put the coupling on over the pipe. Put some PVC cement inside the fitting. Here you can attach a T fitting with the pipe that will connect both pumps with the pipe. 

Step 3

Now push the fitting on the pipe and turn. Attach your check valve onto your coupling. Measure the distance between the bottom of your check valve and the base of your pit. Now attach the threaded adapter to the end of our pipe. Again use primer for this. Lean your pump and drill a weep hole. 

Step 4

If your pipes are large, then measure the lower one and cut the extra bit with a hacksaw. Now it’s time to attach the bottom pipe with a check valve.

Now attach both ends together and secure. The last thing you have to do after the installation takes some cable ties and attach the cord to the discharge pipe. Now plug in your pump and make sure everything is working properly. Put the pump lid on. 

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Final Verdict 

We hope now you know How to install 2 sump pumps in one pit. If you have the right tools this will be an easy job for you. But if you don’t you can borrow them from the store as well. 

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