Are Futon Mattress Sizes Universal? Solved!

One thing we know about sleep is that it’s important and sleeping is your body’s best friend. Without it, we’re just not in ourselves. That’s why a Japanese company that actually cares about your health and your sleep came up with a bed called a futon mattress. With this mattress you don’t need a bed and care place it anywhere you want on the floor. Are Futon Mattress Sizes Universal? Then it’s time to find that out.  

Like other mattress companies Futon has also different sizes for different people. If you live in America and want to purchase a Futon then will the size match?

You can use the futon beds in many ways, like a sofa or bed. You can easily fold them to your closet in the daytime and take them out at night.  When you’ll sleep on it it’ll feel like a soft warm pillow. 

Are Futon Mattress Sizes Universal?

Futon mattresses are made by following the universal size of the mattress. So that’s why no matter where you are there will be no difference in the sizes. Are Futon Mattresses Universal, No matter if you want a double bed or a queen bed, or a king-size bed. The sizes are all the same. 

Are Futon Mattress Sizes Universal

But there will be a difference in depth. These mattresses are hand-loomed with pure cotton. So they won’t be that deep as a mattress. You can also change the depth of these mattresses from 5 to 20-inches if you need. You can also customize a whole mattress if you want. But the width remains the same. 

Futon Mattress Sizes

Like any other mattress futon, mattresses change sizes according to the bed frame size. If you have a king-size bed you’ll need a king-size futon mattress. So that s why there are different sized mattresses made by futon

The Universal Size

The universal size of futon mattresses or in fact any mattress is 32” wide and 75” long. In this sized mattress, two people can easily sleep. 

The Twin 

The measurement for a twin-size futon mattress is 39” wide and 75” long.

The Twin XL

The size of a twin XL is 39” wide and 80” long.

The Full Size

The measurement for a full-size futon mattress is 54” wide and 75” long.

The Full Xl Size 

The measurement for a full XL-size futon mattress is 54” wide and 80” long.

The Queen Size 

Measurement for a queen-size futon mattress is 60” wide and 80” long.

The king size 

Measurement for a king-size futon mattress is 76” wide and 80” long.

California King Size

Lastly, the measurement for a California king-size futon mattress is 72” wide and 84” long.

What Size Is Your Futon Mattress?

If you have a futon mattress and don’t know what the size is then you should definitely find that out. Selecting a perfect mattress size is essential. So that you can pick other accessories like mattress covers, pillars, bedsheets, etc. to find out your mattress size-

Use a measuring tape for measuring purpose

Now measure the width, length, and depth of your futon mattress.

Now find out a futon standard mattress size chart list to compare your mattress size. 

What Size Do You Need? 

If you are a student living in a dorm room or a studio room, then a universal size is best for you. It will take less space in your room and won’t need to spend extra cash on buying a bed. 

Twin or twin XL size is best for couples. But if you need some more room to spread your legs a king or a queen size will be comfortable for you. Using a futon mattress definitely lets you live a free and painful life. If you are a minimalist, then this mattress is even best for you. 

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Final Verdict 

So there remains no question if, Are Futon Mattress Sizes Universal? Because they all are standard sizes you can purchase at the cheapest possible price.

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