How to Clean Crock Pot Little Dipper | 4 Easy Cleaning Hack

We all know how much crockpots are super convenient. They are so versatile to make different types of dishes and also you can do many types of cooking techniques. Oftentimes. We tend to just through them into the dishwasher after using them which is not good at all.  So How to Clean Crock Pot Little Dipper your crockpot by yourself is the most obvious thing if you want your crockpot to stay clean and hygienic and last longer for years.

How to Clean Crock Pot Little Dipper

That’s why here we are going to discuss some of the cleaning techniques of How to Clean Crock Pot Little Dipper and the crockpot itself. So keep on reading if you want to learn those tricks.

How to Clean Crock Pot Little Dipper

Cleaning Hack 1

This cleaning hack is perfect for cleaning out the whole thing including the little dipper. This is perfect for your crockpot to clean itself which s super easy and it requires minimal scrubbing that is awesome. 

Step 1

You have to start by having your crockpot on the offsetting and you fill it up with water just above the ring of crud that you probably got there by underestimation your dishwasher’s cleaning power or maybe just got too lazy. 

Step 2

Now pour one part vinegar and pour in the water. Now is the fun part, pour in baking soda a little at a time and wait for the chemical reaction. Then keep on adding a little at a time two or three times. 

Here you will already start to see lifting some of the yucky stuff and keep on adding one cup of the baking soda.

Step 3

Now put your lid on and set it on low for anywhere from four hours to overnight depending on the dirt level. Ten keep it aside to check back in the morning. 

Step 4

In the morning turn it off and you’ll see all the gunks floating on top of the water. Take the lid off. Let the water cool down. After that wash your crockpot the way you usually clean it. Do some scrubbing if needed with some dish soap. Pat it dry and keep it in storage for later use. 

Cleaning Hack 2

This cleaning hack is also very easy to do and you don’t require to sweat while cleaning. So first keep your crockpot in the sink and take out the little dipper and keep it aside. Now take a sponge and some dish soap and scrub clean gently both the crockpot and the dipper. Then rinse off with some water.

Now refill your little dipper with water and some soap and put it on the crockpot Set it on low heat for several hours. Then let it cool down and scrub again with some soap and rinse off. If the dipper has still some burnt arks then take some toothpaste and some sugar into the dipper and scrub until all the marks are gone. Do not use steel wool or harsh scrubbers. Then simply rinse off and wipe it with a paper towel. 

Cleaning Hack 3

For this cleaning hack, you’ll need only two or three things and that’s it! The most important thing you’ll need is a spray oven clean like Easy-Off and brillo pads. You can use thins spray for other types of cleaning. 

Make sure to do this outside on your deck or you can do this on the grass or anywhere else because this spray is pretty powerful. But if you want to use it inside we would recommend covering the surface with newspapers so your counters or your floor don’t get ruined. 

Now before using the spray shake it well and spray generously inside your crockpot, the dipper, and the outside of the crockpot as it also gets dirty while cooking. Then put the lid on top to cover and leave it for several hours depending on how bad the inside of your crockpot is.

Then take your brillo pads and scrub well all the inside and outside burnt areas and the dipper. Here take your time and scrub off all the spots. Now take your crockpot on the kitchen counter and wipe off the whole thing inside out with a wet rug. 

Make sure you are whipping off the whole thing nicely without leaving any spray residue because if you don’t it might stink chemically when you’ll cook. So it is important to wipe off very nicely. In the end, you’ll see all the nasty-looking marks are gone and the crockpot will look just spotless. 

Cleaning Hack 4

For this last cleaning hack, you’ll need 

  • Baking soda
  • Castile soap 
  • Orange essential oil
  • Water
  • Scour pad

For the cleaning part follow the steps down below:

  • First, take an empty bowl and add one cup baking soda, 4 tsp castile soap, 3 drops of orange essential oil, and some water. 
  • Now mix everything into a slurry consistency
  • Tem take your crockpot and a scour pad and some of the mix and start scrubbing the inside and outside of your crockpot little dipper nicely. 
  • Make sure you are scrubbing off all the burnt marks 
  • Now take a wet cloth and wipe off the crockpot little dipper nicely 
  • You’ll see all the dirt goon after the cleaning like magic

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Final Verdict

With all these four cleaning hacks we hope you’ve finally found your solution to clean off your filthy crockpot and the little dipper. Let us know which one worked best for you from our how-to-clean crockpot little dipper at home tips and tricks. We are sure you won’t feel disappointed.

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