How To Anchor Furniture Without Drilling [Easy Install]

Every year some, 2000 children end up in hospital emergency rooms with injuries sustained from tipping chest of drawers or other kinds of furniture and very sadly five children die from those kinds of injuries. Now how does that happen?

If you want to keep your children protected and also do not want your walls to get damaged, then you need a special kind of anchor from your furniture which will not require any drilling but will just work perfectly also would like to know How To Anchor Furniture Without Drilling using those anchors. 

A chest of drawers or bookcases or TV or other kinds of small furniture which are easy to climb for children is fairly stable. But when you pull out all drawers the center of gravity begins to shift to the front or when your child tries to climb them the furniture tends to wiggle or might fall to the front and that’s what causes accidents. 

How To Anchor Furniture Without Drilling

If you don’t want to put screws in random areas to hold a picture or floating shelves, then you need to make sure that you’re using a drywall anchor clip. They are designed to hold more weight a screw will just pull out of your drywall. 

For this job use a Phillips screwdriver and a drywall anchor. Now first take your screwdriver and put it where you want to bank your new hole and just kind of work it back and forth to make a pre-drilled hole into your drywall. 

How To Anchor Furniture Without Drilling

Now take your drywall anchor clips place them right on top of the screwdriver put them into the hole and just begin to tighten them in there. You want to do it until it’s flush with the drywall. Now you can insert your screws to anchor your furniture. 

Mounting Double-sided Sticky Tape

There are different qualities and brands available on the market for double-sided waterproof wall mounting tape. These tapes have has a high-grade adhesive and strong textile tape can support almost 20 pounds of weight for each square inch. But the better the quality the higher the support it provides. As the tapes have waterproof glue it creates a tight semi-permanent bond with the surface. 

You can use these tapes on all kinds of surfaces including concrete and painted drywall. The tape once dry can withstand all sorts of pressure and weight. If you are looking for an anchor that does not require drilling holes in the walls then these tapes can be a perfect solution. 

You can use them to attach cloth hangers, pictures, and small pieces of furniture so that your walls do not get damaged by drills. This double-sided mounting tape maintains its grip on the wall and your supplies, despite UV radiation, cold weather, or humidity. Even though the tape is tough it’s easy to work with and completely mess-free. The overall installation of this tape can take some time since it requires a plain surface to install. 

Velcro Straps

Velcro straps are hook and loop fastener straps with industrial-strength anchoring capacity. It has got very tiny hooks on one side and tiny loops on another. So when you want to use this kind of strap to anchor your furniture. You have to attach the loop side to the wall and attach the hook side with the furniture. 

Then attach both sides to hold your furniture from tipping over or keeping it in place. This kind of strap comes in different thicknesses and sizes and you can for almost any kind of furniture piece like shelves, bookcases, pictures, etc. 

Anti-tip Furniture Kit

If you don’t want to damage your furniture by drilling big holes in them or directly attaching them to the wall by screwing them an anti-tip furniture kit can be a perfect solution for you. To install the kit, use a stud sensor to find the wall stud and mark the edges of your preferred location. Now transfer the mark to your furniture so that you know where to install the other end of the kit.

Place one of the mounting brackets and mark the hole location. Now drill pilot holes on the wall, then drive in the mounting screws. Now for the other part of the kit used a hole saw to drill a hole through the back of the furniture near the top. On the underside of the top place the second bracket and mark the hole location, drill pilot holes, and drive in the screws.  

Now attach one end of the safety lanyard by passing a retaining pin through the end and securing the pin with a retaining clip. Next push the other end of the lanyard through the hole in the back and attach it to the drywall stud bracket with the retaining pin and clip. This way your furniture will be anchored and won’t even be seen. 

Final Verdict

If you live in an apartment you may not be able to drill too many holes in the walls to mount things like shelves or pictures. So thankfully these anchors can help you mount your furniture or protect it from tip-overs. If you follow the installation process of How To Anchor Furniture Without Drilling then you can also enjoy the benefits of the anchors and avoid drilling mess. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: How To Anchor Furniture Without Drilling

How Do You Anchor Furniture To A Wall Without Screws?

If you’re looking for a way to secure your furniture to a wall without using screws, there are a few methods you can try. One option is to use adhesive strips. These strips are typically made of Velcro or another type of fabric, and they can be found at most hardware stores.

Another option is to use brackets. Brackets can be found at most hardware stores as well, and they’re easy to install. Finally, you can use furniture anchors. Furniture anchors are devices that you insert into the wall, and they’re designed to hold furniture in place. You can find furniture anchors at most hardware stores, and they’re easy to install.

How Do You Secure A Bookshelf Without Drilling?

If you don’t want to drill into your walls, there are a few other ways you can secure your bookshelf. One way is to use L-brackets. You can attach these to the wall with screws and then attach your bookshelf to the L-brackets. Another way is to use furniture straps.

You can find these at most hardware stores. You attach the straps to the wall with screws and then loop them around the back of your bookshelf.

How Do You Anchor Furniture Without Studs?

There are a few ways to anchor furniture to a wall without studs. The first is to use wall anchors. Wall anchors are special screws that are designed to be used in drywall. They have a large, flat head that helps to distribute the weight of the furniture and a sharp point that helps to grip the drywall. To use wall anchors, simply insert them into the drywall where you want to anchor the furniture and then screw them in place.

Another option is to use furniture straps. Furniture straps are metal or plastic straps that loop around the furniture and then screw into the wall. This is a good option for furniture that is not too heavy.

Finally, you can use toggle bolts. Toggle bolts are anchors that have a toggle on the end that opens up when the bolt is inserted into the hole. This helps to distribute the weight of the furniture and provides a more secure hold. To use toggle bolts, simply drill a hole in the wall where you want to anchor the furniture and then insert the toggle bolt.

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