How To Take Apart A Honeywell Fan (3 Easy Steps)

When it comes to having a good cooling system Honeywell fans come to that list. Honeywell fans are good with their cooling capacity and come in an affordable price range. They are really powerful and come in many sizes. 

But no matter how good a fan or any cooling system is you always need to check n them, How To Take Apart A Honeywell Fan, and perhaps need to change certain parts of that fan. And to do that you need to know how to assemble and disassemble that fan by yourself if you want to avoid spending money on repair shops. 

So it is always a good idea to know the technical things about your Honeywell fan, its parts, and how to take apart a Honeywell fan when you need to clean or repair it, and here we are going to discuss exactly that.

About Honeywell Fan

Honeywell fans have an entirely plastic exterior which makes them lightweight and easy to carry into places. But it feels pretty solid and sturdy. Its front plastic grill is not removable so to clean the fan the only option is a can of compressed air like the ones to dust off computers.

But if you need to get in then you’ll need some tools to disassemble it. This is a great personal fan to have around a small bedroom or office. As it does not rotate horizontally putting it in a  corner to circulate air is not advised.

How To Take Apart A Honeywell Fan

Taking apart your Honeywell fan is really simple and easy if you only have a few tools on you. Yo if you know the right way to disassemble the fan you can do it on your own and clean it and oil it when it’s needed. Follow down the steps to disassemble the fan:

How To Take Apart A Honeywell Fan

Step 1

The fan is attached to the front and back parts with six small screws around the fan which you need to take out if you want to get inside. So take a small flat head screwdriver and put the fan upside down and unscrew all the screws. 

Step 2

When all the screws are out pull the front guard and it should pop the grill off quite easily. Put that part aside. Now it’s time to remove the blades. Now, these magnetic screws hold down the fan with the main body. 

Now if you have a Honeywell HT-800 fan the screw is going to be in the middle of the blade. To take that out you might need to damage it a bit. To take off the nut ring take a pair of pliers and pull that out. When you do that you should be able to pop off the blade. So pull out the blade gently and keep it aside.

But what if you have a different version of the fan. Like the Honeywell HT-900. There are two magnetic screws down the sides of the fan which keep the blads attached. So just take your screwdriver then unscrew them. Here the blade will be a bit slotted so you have to get an edge and lift it out on both sides.   

When you do that there will be another screw in the corner so also unscrew that. Make sure to separate all the screws so you don’t mix them up. There are another two screws in there which hold the motor to the casing attached so also unscrew them. So now you can tilt it on a side to clean the inside. 

Step 3

In Honeywell HT-800 you can take out the motor by unscrewing the nuts. So do that and your motor will come right off. When all the nuts are out now it’s time to clean the fan inside out. 

Cleaning Process Of Honeywell Fans

When you take out all the parts from your fan it gets easier to clean the fan individually. So first take a painting brush or a toothbrush to brush off the dust from all the parts and surface of the fan parts so they don’t fly everywhere. 

Now take a bowl of warm water and add a few drops of dish soap and mix well. Take a cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth and dunk it into the water mixture and squeeze out the excess water.

Now wipe off all the parts nicely so there is no dust left on the fan. For the smaller holes and corners use a q-tip and dunk it into rubbing alcohol to clean off the unreachable parts of your fan, especially the motor part. 

Now let the parts dry and then assemble them the same way use disassembled the fan. Apply some motor oil into the bearings so they work smoothly and do not make any sounds later on. But this part is completely optional. 

Final Verdict

Knowing how to take apart a Honeywell fan can be very helpful at times when you need to take it apart or clean it or oil it or for any other reason. So if you needed to learn this we hope you’ve already learned it from above.

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