How To Get Sharpie Off The Pumpkin (Details Guide)


During Halloween decorating pumpkins with sharpies are pretty common. They tend to draw scary things on their pumpkin and use it as a spooky decoration in front of their door. Or you made a mistake while drawing with your sharpie and need to correct it. Whatever that case might be. But after Halloween ends these sharpie marks and design gets almost impossible to take off and the only option left is to peel the skin.

But what if you don’t want to peel your pumpkin and just remove the ink off of your pumpkin. Here we are going to give you some of the best tips and tricks on How To Get Sharpie Off The Pumpkin without damaging it. So keep on reading to learn about those tricks. 

How To Get Sharpie Off The Pumpkin

There are several hacks that you can use to take off sharpie from pumpkin which are explained below with details. So use any of the hacks if you want to know How To Get Sharpie Off The Pumpkin:

How To Get Sharpie Off The Pumpkin

Nail Polish Remover

It is very common and easy to decorate your pumpkin using sharpies. But it gets trickier to take off that sharpie design if it’s permanent and will be almost impossible to remove it. But if you use a simple nail polish remover that is present in any household.

For this hack, you need any kind of nail polish remover and some cotton ball to get it off of your pumpkin. Then all you do is put your nail polish remover on the cotton ball and gently rub it on the sharpie marks you want to remove. 

After a couple of swipes, the sharpie mark will completely vanish from your pumpkin. You later decide to eat that pumpkin make sure to wash it nicely before you cook it. 

Use A Whiteboard Marker 

If you are confused reading the name of a whiteboard sharpie here do not worry or get confused. Because you can take off your sharpie marks by using a marker. Because the chemicals that are in a sharpie are also present in a marker. 

So when you draw over the sharpie marks with your marker it loosens the ink of the sharpie and makes it easy to wipe off. So for this draw on top of the sharpie with your marker pen and then take a paper towel to rub off the marker. 

You may need to apply down coats of the marker on the sharpie and rub everything off. Instantly everything will be clean and your pumpkin will be completely clean. 

Use 90% Rubbing Alcohol 

This is a nice trick that you can use to remove a sharpie that is advertised as a permanent marker without damaging the surface it was on. Usually, in the sharpie pens, there is ink and alcohol in them. 

So what happens is when you write with the sharpie you are leaving the ink and alcohol and a liquidy mix. That’s why you might see that when you first write something down you can rub your finger across and it will smear it. 

It means when the alcohol evaporates it leaves the ink almost like a layer of paint on the item you write in. so if you want to remove this stuff all you need to do is reintroduce alcohol that will blend the ink with the alcohol together and then you swipe it away.

So for this hack, you can use i90% isopropyl alcohol and pour it onto a cotton ball and rub it on the sharpie ink and it will completely disappear. This hack will work not only for pumpkins but also on other objects.

Shoe Cleaning Eraser

If you are feeling skeptical about using a shoe cleaning eraser to take off the sharpie stains from your pumpkin or any other surface, don’t be! Because this thing works like a magic. So use a clean shoe cleaning eraser and wet it a little bit. Then just gently start rubbing it on top of the sharpie mark and in seconds the sharpie will come off clean. 

Use Aerosol Spray 

Using aerosol spray for stain removal is pretty common and works best on plastic or metal surface. But when it comes to using it on your pumpkin which you would supposedly eat later should be done with precaution. 

So use a very little amount of aerosol spray on the surface of your pumpkin and instantly wipe it with a wiping cloth or wet towel. It will surely take off the sharpie mark from it. But after that clean your pumpkin with warm water nicely to remove any aerosol on top. It will be better if you just peel off the pumpkin before you cook it. 

What Other Things You Can Use To Take Of Sharpie

There are some other things available on the market which you can use to take off your sharpie ink from any surface. They are:

Lighter fluid: Lighter fluid works well for sharpie removal. So use it on a cotton ball and rub off the sharpie markings easily without any residue left.

WD-40: This thing happens to be also working on sharpie removal. So just spray on top of the sharpie the wipe off. 

Dry eraser: dry eraser is also a perfect method to take off your sharpie stains. So just draw on top of the sharpie and instantly wipe off. The dry eraser will take off the sharpie marks fully.  

Final Verdict

If you’ve been dealing hard with your sharpie marks on your pumpkin or any other thing then our How To Get Sharpie Off The Pumpkin article will be a great help and you don’t even need to worry anymore and for the next time, you’ll know what to do. 

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