How To Defeat A Low Flow Kitchen Faucet -Solved!

Having a faucet, especially in a kitchen is kind of a pain in the ass that makes you go crazy when you are busy doing chores in the kitchen cleaning your dishes, or cooking. This kind of problem can be seen in both new and old houses. How To Defeat A Low Flow Kitchen Faucet, but there are other reasons too that can create the water pressure to go low in your faucet. 

That’s why it is very important to identify the cause of low water pressure at first. Because when you know the reason you can find the solution too. So if you don’t know How To Defeat A Low Flow Kitchen Faucet and the reasons behind it make sure to give it a read for detailed information. 

How To Defeat A Low Flow Kitchen Faucet

Usually 99% of the time your problem lies right down at the end of the faucet; at the irrigator. There are multiple little screens and holes in the irrigator. Which tend to get buggered up with debris or iron buildup while in use. When the dirt starts to pile up the water cannot pass through the holes and this way you can get low water pressure. 

How To Defeat A Low Flow Kitchen Faucet

Another problem that can cause low water pressure is, a chunk of debris can seep through the water lines and get stuck up inside the housing where you can’t get to. This kind of dirt build-up can also happen inside the handles, cartridges, rubber washers, and springs. But all of these places are serviceable. Some other reasons are:

  • There could be the low water pressure in the mains, this could be because there’s more demand locally than there is supply. 
  • You could have a squashed or deformed water supply pipe, this generally happens when it’s made of lead or plastic. 
  • You could have corrosion within the water supply pipes, this can happen with galvanized steel pipes.
  • Your water supply might be leaking.
  • Your isolation valve or stopcock could be damaged.
  • You may have just had a combi boiler installed
  • The floor of your drainage system may be restricted due to the layout of your internal pipework.

Low Water Pressure Fixture 

One of the easiest solutions to fix low water pressure Kitchen Faucet is to pull out your faucet grab a pen or pencil and shove it up in the faucet nozzle hole so the counterbalance doesn’t pull the faucet line back up in through the faucet and down into the bottom where you have to fish it back after you detach the head or nozzle.

When you have dirt and debris coming through the waterline they can build up in the faucet head which restricts the water pressure. There is a threaded connector in the faucet head which you need to unscrew. When you pop out the head you will see the dirt there laying blocking the screen. 

Now run the water and clean the head and the screen. Tap out the dirt hiding in there. Make sure you got it clean and then screw it right back on. Now the water pressure should be good. 

Another problem that causes low water pressure is might be the hot water hose under the sink. First, turn off the hot water valve and get a bucket underneath the hose. Now take your 17 mm wrench and loosen the hose. Make sure the hose pipe stays straight.

The excess water that’s in the pipe catch in the bucket. A lot of times when the debris will get inside this hose before it ever gets to the aerator. Now turn on the cold water to create pressure in the hot water hose. This way if any dirt is inside it will come out and clear the water valve. When you’re done put everything back together. 

Often times the aerator can get damaged by hard water build-up or get rusty. Then it might be difficult to clean the rust. So take off the aerator and disassemble the whole thing. Now soak all the parts of the aerator, the washer, the screen, etc. in white vinegar or in a store-bought cleaner. 

After a few hours rub the parts with a toothbrush to clean off the rust and any kind of dirt stuck in the nooks. When done cleaning rinse with clean water and assemble them back. 

Make sure you are checking your water pressure each time so that you know the water pressure is fine again. 

If you are having an issue with the main water supply line or blocked pipe that you cannot fix by yourself, you better call for a certified plumber so they can eventually find and fix the water pressure problem once and for all. 

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Final Verdict

These are the usual problem that many households face most of the time and if you’ve read the whole thing you can already tell How To Defeat A Low Flow Kitchen Faucet. 

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