How To Remove Facial Hair While On Accutane (Details Guide)

Facial hair removal is an important part of every women’s life and most women tend to do different kinds of facial hair removal treatments regularly. It makes you presentable and neat and helps your makeup glid to your skin better. 

But hair removal on the face can be tricky if you have facial acne and are on Accutane treatment. Because while on Accutane your skin can get the worst side-effects you can think of and it’s painful. 

So what should you do? There is a perfect solution how to remove facial hair while on Accutane that we’ve discussed here. 

What Is Accutane?

Accutane is a prescription medication for acne to pill you take once a day for several months. This medication is also known as attained or isotropic. It is one of the very few clinically proven oral pretreatments acne.

When conventional prescription medications are not working like topical cream, antibiotic pills, or birth control pills on your deep red nodular cystic acne only then Accutane is given. 

How To Remove Facial Hair While On Accutane

It dries up your oil glands and it’s a high dose vitamin, a derivative. In more descriptive form it is unclear how it works but we do know it works very effectively. For a minimum period, it is prescribed for about 4 to 6 months. It also depends on your body weight and how well you’re able to tolerate the side effects. 

How To Remove Facial Hair While On Accutane

What Treatments Can Do You When You Are On Accutane?

There are certain procedures done on your face like micro-needling, hair removal, lasers, etc. for the betterment of your skin. But when you have active acne and are on Accutane you have to be extremely careful because the side effects are already painful enough of Accutane. 

So when you add laser treatments, chemical exfoliators, or laser hair removal procedures on top it becomes even more painful. But at times facial hair removal becomes important even though you are on medication. 

It is always advised by dermatologists to avoid any kind of chemical or laser-like treatments while you are on Accutane. There are different types of ways to remove your facial hair like laser, wax, threading, etc. So you need to know which one you can use while on Accutane.

Is Waxing Your Face Okay?

Waxing for facial hair removal is pretty common and more effective than many other procedures. Because it removes the hair from the core and allows longer time for the hair to grow back. So it’s popular without any doubt.

Wax has many kinds of chemicals in it that can make your acne worst. Moreover, when you apply wax it gets hard and makes direct contact with your skin, and pulls all the skin up to remove the hair.

Which can make things worst. So you should surely avoid using wax on your face or your body where you have acne outburst and is on Accutane.

Is Laser Okay?

Laser hair removal is a state-of-the-art treatment for reducing the hair growth that you have. But if you have active acne or you are on Accutane treatment then it’s a major no-no. 

Because in laser treatments the laser is applied directly to your skin which causes redness, itchiness, and burns that are not good for your skin. It will irritate your skin more and can increase the Accutane side-effects even more than ever. So you should not go through any laser hair removal treatments while you are on high Accutane treatments.

What Should You Do Then?

With all the discussions above you should not get discouraged on your facial hair removal options. Because there is an organic and chemical-free treatment that you can use to get rid of facial hair while you are on Accutane. And that is threading. 

What Is Threading?

Threading is an ancient way of hair removal mainly done on the face which requires just a cotton thread. It does not require any chemical or bleach or anything that sort and does not have any side effects on your skin. 

In threading, you need a cotton thread with a little knot on it and it just glides on and just takes the hair out from the root. It’s soft on the skin. With threading, you don’t lose the elasticity of your skin over time.

Threading is so effective and natural that you can use it even if have active acne or even if you are on a high dose of Accutane. It does not pull out your skin; just take off the hair from the root-like waxing.

How To Do Threading

To get started with threading take a cotton thread and make a knot by tying the ends. Now hold the knot in your hands and start swirling one of your hands to twist the knot couple of times. This will make some loops that are needed to pull the hair out. 

You have to put all your fingers inside the knot and use an open and close motion to work or a scissor-like motion. Now apply some baby powder onto the target area you will thread and put the knot closer to that area so that it touches the hair but not the actual skin.

Now start your scissor-like motion onto the hairs. This way the hairs will gt into the loop in one end and it will pull the hairs from the other end. At first, you may need some practice but after a couple of tries, you’ll get used to it. 

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Final Verdict

When you have rough acne and you are on Accutane removing facial hair can feel like hell and extremely painful but the method we have discussed in our how to remove facial hair while on Accutane article can be a lifesaver for sure.

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