How To Get Kief Out Of The Grinder (8 Easy Steps)


If you like to get high using kief then you must probably know how you can process it by using a grinder. There are some other ways to do this but using a grinder gives you the ultimate pleasure of kief. 

But using a grinder can also waste your expensive kief if you do not know the right way how to get kief out of the grinder the most. If you do want to know it now then you are in the right place because here you’ll know all about the whole kief thing in detail.

What Is Kief?

Keif is a concentrated form of cannabis created by removing the resin glands or trichomes from the cannabis bud. Trichomescan is seen as the crystals or fuzzy coating of the flowers which falls off easily when you’re rolling it. 

These resin glands have the most portion of cannabinoids. The chemicals occurring naturally in cannabis get you high. By removing these glands from the plant material the concentration of these chemicals can be far greater and kief than it is in ground buds. Keif can be collected from grinders, containers, or extracted using dry ice and other methods.

Parts Of A Kief Grinder 

Usually, in most kief grinders there are three chambers and four pieces that are easy to use and clean. It allows the users to have more control over the shredding. A kief grinder consists of zinc alloy construction with a magnetic lid.

This lid allows users to minimize spills. Usually, its’ screen can filter first pollen easily. It is so convenient to use that it offers a guarantee to the users when the product fails to meet up the expectations of the buyers.

Which makes it even more convenient and most economical for customers to purchase. It also features a poly o-ring that provides smooth grinding using less friction. These grinders have very sharp teeth that make the process of cutting and grinding to be smooth. 

Besides, it helps the users to produce herps with lots of perfection. It is like an investment if you want good quality and less waste while grinding your precious kief. A good grinder is made of excellent quality material that ensures stability, and performance of the grinder. 

How To Get Kief Out Of The Grinder

For any regular user of kief, their pro tip to get more kief from the grinder is to invest in a good grinder. Because if you’re not using a good grinder you’re not going to be able to collect kief to the fullest extent. Follow the simple and easy steps to collect every bit of kief from your grinder without wasting:

How To Get Kief Out Of The Grinder

Step 1: Freeze Your Grinder  

The first step of kief collection is to put your grinder in the freezer for about 25 minutes.  You should not keep it in the freezer longer than 25 minutes because you don’t want it to freeze and it can also damage the quality and taste of the kief inside.

Step 2: Separate All The Parts Of Your Grinder

After 25 minutes take out your grinder from the freezer. Now place a piece of parchment paper on top of your table or kitchen counter where you’re most comfortable and have to start separating all four pieces of the grinder. 

Step 3: Inspect All The Pieces 

Now after Pisces are separated you’ll see, that putting it in the freezer makes the trichomes get stuck to the grinder. So what are the trichomes you might wonder? They’re the crystals that are on the cannabis. 

Step 4: What’s Kief

So whenever you’re sitting there grinding your cannabis in your grinder it’s knocking some of the trichomes off and the mesh net right inside collects the trichomes and that’s what we call the kief. 

Step 5: Scrape 

In the high-end grinders there comes a special tool or a guitar-shaped scraper with a sharp pointy end. So use that tool if you have one but if you don’t use any pointy tool like a toothpick. Now you have to start scraping the edges of your grinder first. 

Now go around the sides gently to scrape off the key. Here you don’t want to scrape too hard because you don’t want to mess up your grinder; you want to gently do it until all the kief is on the net. 

Step 6: Pour The Kief On The Parchment Paper

Now once all the kiefs’ are on the net you’re going to see it pilled up. So get ready to put it on the parchment paper. The reason you should use parchment paper is that it’s going to be strong enough to collect that fine kief as it is going to be as fine as dust. 

Here do not use any paper towels or anything like that as the paper will waste a lot of kief. You only have to use parchment or wax paper. Make sure you’re getting all the kief out and give it a little tap to get all in the paper. 

Step 7: Uniform And Collect

Now when you’re done uniforming the kief put it in the container. When you do that you can start the process of cleaning your grinder. Use a heady container or a wax container to collect and store your ground kief. 

Step 8: Grinder Cleaning

Make sure you clean your grinder with some 90% rubbing alcohol before you use it each time. Also, let the grinder completely dry out before you use it. Use cotton balls and a cue tip to clean the grinder. 

Use a zip lock bag to store your grind and also use the bag to pour in the alcohol with the grinder parts fully covered and keep it in the sink for 8 hours. Lastly, dry all the parts using a paper towel. 

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Final Verdict

With all that discussion about kief, the grinder, the collection process, and the cleaning process we hope you’ve understood how to get kief out of the grinder.  

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