How To Cut Wooden Blinds (Details Guide)

A suitable blind can make the windows of your home look nice and will create additional decor with controlled lighting and privacy for your home. But if you don’t want to invest that extra money on blinds then you should go for a DIY hack for blinds as we’ve discussed here. 

How To Cut Wooden Blinds

With this saying start by following our measuring steps and then you will understand How To Cut Wooden Blinds according to your needed width and also shorten them. 

How To Cut Wooden Blinds

Types Of Window Blinds 

There are two types of window measurements when it comes to blind making. So you need to know which one you want and then process to take measurements. 

Inside Mount 

Inside mount refers to blinds that are mounted on the inside of your window frame. This type of mount is a common choice for most people.

Outside Mount

An outside mount is typically used if you have obstructions inside of the frame. If your window has an adequate depth for an inside mount or you desire additional overhang to minimize light gaps and add privacy with exact measurements you’ll simplify your shopping experience eliminating trial and error returns and added costs. Simply shop according to the size you need. 

Measuring Window For Blinds

To ensure your window treatments are the perfect fit you have to know the right size of your window and the blinds. So to properly measure for inside mount horizontal blinds you can follow the tips down below.

Step 1

When determining your window blinds use steel tape measures and round your measurements to the nearest ⅛ of an inch. Also, perform the measurements a couple of times to confirm them before you record them. 

Step 2

Don’t mix up the dimensions; indicate the width first then the height. So start by measuring the width inside the window opening in three places; top middle and bottom. Use the narrowest measurements as your overall width. This will give you great results for removing your blinds up and down. 

Step 3

Then you need to measure the height of your window opening in three places; left, middle, and right. Use the longest measurements to determine the height of your blinds. 

Steps To Cut The Width Of Your Wooden Blinds 

Cutting wooden slats according to your window blinds takes a lot of effort and money. But if you purchase pre-cut wooden blinds this will make your job much easier and they cost less money as well. 

But most of the time it is difficult to find the right width or height of pre-cut wooden blinds. So you may need to adjust the width or height at home which is worth your money and time. To adjust the width of your wooden blinds follows the steps down below:


  • Painters tape
  • Measuring tape and marker 
  • Clamps
  • Miter saw 

Step 1

First, assemble all the blind pieces and use painter’s tape to bind everything together so they don’t slip on you. Use a measuring tape to measure from one end to the other allowing an extra half inch.

So say your measurements are 60 inches bring it down to 59 and a half to allow for the valence. That’s going to go across the top and make things look pretty alright. You have to make equal adjustments on the ends. 

Step 2

Now you have to take an inch off both ends. So when you are done marking the ends tape down the marked places so you know where to make the cut and every cut is symmetrical.

To make sure your safety use clams to lightly clamp all the blinds together. This will also stop the blind pieces from moving. 

Step 3

Now it’s time to cut the width. But make sure you’re not cutting the metal rods or that sort of thing. Blinds have a certain amount that you can cut down and then you can start getting into the cords that hold all the blind pieces together.  

Now go ahead and make your cut using a miter saw. Here you can use a hand saw but it will be better if you use a powerful one for achieving perfection. In the end, you’ll get your desired width for your wooden blinds and start assembling them. 

Steps To Shorten Wooden Blinds Height

If you already have a wooden or faux wood blind that is just too long for your window, sometimes you don’t need to buy new blinds. You can just take out the extra length from your blinds.

Step 1

first, with your blinds still hanging in your window, remove the plugs located on the bottom rail of the blind to reveal the knotted lift cords. Now untie the knots and remove the bottom rail of your blind. 

Step 2

Now pull up each lift cord, enough so you can easily pull out the extra slats. Insert your bottom rail through the ladders directly below your last slat, and thread the lift cord back through the holes on the bottom rail. 

Step 3 

Next, rotate your slats horizontally. Leave enough ladder string to tie your bottom rail back again and then cut your ladder strings just below the top-most rung. Now slide the ladder plugs back onto the lift cord and secure with knots at the end of each cord. 

Step 4

Don’t worry about the excess cord. Pull up your blinds and the extra slack will be raised. Tie the extra ladder cords hanging together in a knot. Tuck the knots inside the bottom rail holes and replace the plugs. 

If the plugs don’t fit, trim extra strings as needed. Finish by testing the blind to make sure the knots and plugs are secure and you have the right height blinds now.

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Final Verdict

With all that discussion you might already have the idea of How To Cut Wooden Blinds width-wise and height-wise. So if you need to test these DIY wooden blind hacks at home do it now. 

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