How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back (3 Easy Steps)

Wearing nose studs makes the shape of your nose a lot more structured and is on-trend right now. So if you are thinking of wearing a nose stud and are ready to go through some pain then you should do that. 

Nose studs come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials like gold, diamond, metal, etc. if you are already wearing one and want to know How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back then keep on reading down below. 

Thinks You Need To Know About Nose Piercing 

If you are thinking about getting your nose pierced be sure to find out which gauge you are pierced with. If you don’t know and you are already pierced then just call your piercing studios where you pierced and find out what gauge they typically pierce with.

The most common is anywhere between a 22 gauge which is very thin to an 18 gauge which is a little bit thicker. With gauges the bigger the number the smaller the gauge. Then the smaller the number like an 18 gauge is thicker. This is an important factor when you want to choose your nose stud as well.

How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back

If you are new to nose studs and don’t Know How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back take them out especially with a flat back then you should check the steps down below to pull them out. 

How To Take Out Nose Stud With Flat Back

Step 1

Taking out a nose stud with a flat back can be painful and then can scratch the inside of your nose if you’re not careful. So to take the stud out first, you need to wear rubber gloves on your hands which will help you hold the stud firmly. 

Step 2

Now, this kind of stud has two separate pieces one with a flat head that goes inside your nose and the other with a bead or stone on top which goes through the outer side. So now push the stud inside and hold the flathead in one hand and then push it outward to grab the other part with the other hand. 

Step 3

When you’ve grabbed both sides now pull them in opposite directions with some pressure and your nose stud will come right off. 

Types Of Nose Studs

If you are new to nose piercing then this section of our article will help you educate and choose the perfect nose studs that you can try. We will also explain some of their good and bad sides that you also need to think about while you are choosing jewelry for your nose. 


Corkscrew is the most common type of nose stud that you’ll find. They can be a little tricky to get in, especially if you have long nails. Some people don’t like these because of the way they hook in your nose, they can look like they’re falling out of your nose. But one good thing about them is they do stay in pretty well for the most part. 


This is also a common one that piercers pierce with. Now the way that the labret is, you have your pin which has a flat back, and the top piece screws on it. Also, you would have to put this inside of your nose and then screw it on the top. 

The labret is very common when it comes to cartilages and lip rings. But you can also use them for your nose. Another thing with labret is, they tend to be on the thicker side normally an 18 gauge. 

Labret can be pretty good just because they do have that flat back so you have that smooth surface inside of your nose. 

L-shaped Nose Studs

These nose studs are really good if you have a job and you need to take your nose ring in and out. This is after the healing period by the way. So after the healing period if you have a job that you can’t wear a nose ring and you want a nose ring that you can just take in and out easily then we would recommend an L-shaped nose stud. But they tend to fall out if you’re not careful touching your nose. 


Bend-to-fit nose studs are great for those with thicker nostrils. That’s if a corkscrew or an  L-shaped, no other nose stud works for you then we would recommend Bend-to-fit nose studs for you. 

It just looks like a regular earring; it’s just longer and then you can bend it into an L-shaped stud to fit into your nose. 


When it comes to hoops you either like them or you don’t. If you want to try a hoop just keep in mind that, once it’s in it’s going to take a little bit to get used to and that’s the most common thing that you’ll hear with nose studs. 

You’re not just going to get used to it by only seeing the hoops you have to wear them and get used to them. If you’re wearing one at first it might look a little bit different. There are different types of hoops but it depends on your style if you want a plain one or one with stones or a one with a bead on it. 


The bone nose stud is just a straight pin and it has a little ball at the end that prevents it from popping back out. If you’ve tried the other kind of nose studs and didn’t work then you should give it a try. They do not come oof that easily and so you don’t have to change them quite often. 

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Final Verdict

With all that discussion we hope now you’ve learned how to take out a nose stud with a flat back and also decided to choose your next nose stud according to our list. 

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