How To Make Neon Green Paint (4 Easy Step-by-Step)

If it is very important for anyone interested in color making or painting to know how to mix your colors to make your color palates cohesive. It is also less expensive than buying a tube of paint for every color. So here are ways to paint a color wheel from scratch.  

How To Make Neon Green Paint

Here we’ve explained two techniques to get the perfect shade of neon green color which can also be used for other colors. You just have to know the basics of color palate. So if you want to learn How to Make Neon Green Paint in simple steps then keep on reading down below. 

How to Make Neon Green Paint

The Basic Theory Of Color Making 

All you need to start with the three primary colors- red, blue, and yellow. Other colors can be created just by mixing these in different ways and portions. Note that mixing all three will make a muddy brown.  

The secondary colors purple, green, and orange are created by mixing primary colors; red and blue make purple, blue, and yellow make green and yellow, and red make orange. That means the color neon green we are talking about here definitely has a blue and yellow undertone in it.  

Tertiary colors are made from mixing one primary color with one secondary color. They are red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green, yellow-green, and lastly yellow-orange. So this is your basic color wheel. 

A hue is sort of a color like red, blue, green, yellow, and orange. Saturation is referred to as the intensity of a hue. High saturation means the color is bright and desaturation means the color looks washed out or gray. That means neo green color belongs to the high saturation side. 

Valley is referred to the degree of lightness or darkness of a certain hue. A shade is a kind of a hue produced by adding just black. A tint is produced by only adding white. A tone can be produced by adding gray only. When artists discuss color temperatures, they basically mean either warm tone colors which are reds, oranges, and yellows, or cool tone colors which are purples, blues, and greens. This means our neon green color is a cool tone color. 

Colors You Need To Make Neon Green

There are different shades available in Neon Green Paint color and some of them are tricky to make like neon green. It takes several color combinations to get the perfect neon green color. There are two ways you can create neon green colors.

Technique 1

For this technique, you’ll need white color as a base, bright yellow, and very little amount of blue color. As we’ve already discussed that mixing two basic colors creates a secondary color. Here you might need several attempts and adjustments to get the perfect shade of neon green color. Use a mixing palate to mix the shades. 

Technique 2

For this technique, you’ll need white color for the base, as usual, bright yellow, and bright green color. You’ll need the most amount of white color, then a few drops of yellow and a very little amount of green color to get the color neon shade color

Steps To Make Neon Green Color

Making a new color from scratch can be very challenging at times if you do not have proper knowledge about the basics of color theory. If you want to make a color that currently is not in your color palette you can just add your colors and try to make that exact color shade in your mixing bowl. 

So here we are going to talk about the first technique of making neon green color. So if you want to learn the secrets keep reading below:

Step 1

First, you need some white paint as a base which you’ll need the most amount. This will act as a mixing agent when you’ll mix the other two colors and won’t need mixing. You’ll need to use a mixing palate to attempt the correct color mixing.

Step 2

Now pour in some white paint on the mixing palate and add on a few drops of bright yellow paint on top of white. Now mix those two colors with a spatula. Here you’ll notice that the bright yellow paint will get lighter as we’ve mixed the white paint. 

Step 3

Now add one or two drops of blue color into the mix. And start mixing everything up. When you’re done mixing take a piece of paper so you can get an idea of what the current mixed paint looks like. 

Step 4

Here you might need to add some blues or yellows to adjust the neon green color. It will be easier for you to use a neon green color palette to use as a guide. Now take your neon green color palette and place it side by side with the swatch. 

If it’s too faded add some bluer and if the color is dark then add some yellow with it. You are finding it difficult to get the right shade then we would suggest starting all over again. With a fresh batch of color. 

But make sure this time you are more careful with the colors. You might need several attempts to get the right shade of neon green color but keep on trying until you get your desired color. 

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Final Verdict

Mixing colors to get a new color is a very easy task for professional painters. But if you are a beginner then the technique we’ve explained earlier will surely help you play with your colors and to create something new. So you should surely give our How to Make Neon Green Paint technique a  try. 

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