How To Determine Lamp Size For A Nightstand?


The right table lamp can do wonders for you. Especially when you are in bed reading your favorite book and the light will be beaming in the exact sport from your nightstand table lamp. All these features, the most important factor is, How To Determine Lamp Size For A Nightstand?

After you’ve decided on the color and style of your table lamp for the nightstand you should select the lamp based on the features you want. For a handy way to charge your electrical devices, you can purchase a USB table lamp. These table lamps come with a built-in port located at the base of the lamp. 

If you want to light your way at night, consider buying a lamp with a night light. These table lamps give you an anesthetic feeling and calming atmosphere, when all lighting features are on and accent lighting when just the night light feature is used. 

Table lamps with pull chains provide you with two levels of light. Lamp sets provide you with a unified look for entries, bedrooms, and living areas.

How would you know which lamp will be perfect for your bedroom decor? 

How To Determine Lamp Size For A Nightstand

When settling n a table lamp height examine the eye level rule. For example, when you’ll be sitting on a sofa, the bottom of your shade should line up with your eye level. So that the light does not reflect directly into your eyes. 

A similar rule is applicable while sitting on a chair. The bottom of the shade should come up to your eye level. While sitting on a bed the bottom of the lampshade should line up from your chin level. 

This will secure that the light isn’t shining directly into your eyes. By following this rule, you can also find your perfect nightstand lamp.

How To Determine Lamp Size For A Nightstand

What Is The Standard Size Of A Nightstand Lamp?

In the nightstand market, the standard measurement for a nightstand is considered 27”-30” which can differ a few inches. But most famous brands for nightstands prefer the measurement of 28”-30” which is close by.  

So both types are excepted as a standard size. But of course, your personal choice matters most while decorating your bedroom. You can always choose a shorter or taller one. 

Determining Factors For A Nightstand Lamp

How tall or short your nightstand lamp will be, mostly depend on some other important key factors which will help you to determine the lamp and shades size to put on top of a nightstand. 

Measure The Height Of Your Nightstand

To select the perfect height for a nightstand you can take the measurement of your nightstand. This way the total height will be balanced. As nightstands have a similar height to the mattress the lamp should balance with the height of the headboard. This way your bed and nightstand lamp will be aligned. 

But if you’ve already bought one and it’s shorter than the bed level then you can add some books underneath to pile it up and increase the height. Or you can buy a lamp that is 1 or 2 inches taller than the whole bed. 

Bed Size

Your bedrooms bed size also matters a lot when it comes to selecting a lampshade for the nightstand. If your bed is king-size or queen-size then a taller lamp will be a perfect match. Try to level the height of your lamp with the height of your mattress so it looks symmetrical to your eye. 

Room Size

Your room’s size also matters a lot. If you have a smaller room; you need a smaller lamp and if your room is large then choose a taller lamp. A shorter lamp in a large bedroom will miss out on all the purposes it was supposed to serve. 

Measure The Headboard’s Height

Before selecting your lamp make sure to measure your bed’s headboard. It is very important to maintain an almost similar height to a lamp with a headboard. You can go 1 or 2 inches up or down in terms of lamps height. 

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Final Verdict

If you follow these steps it will eliminate your worry about, How To Determine Lamp Size For A Nightstand and help to make your decision. If you do not find the accurate size, you can make it work somehow. 

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