How to Overgrout Stone | 4 Easy Step

Everyone wants to decorate their home with something new and add a little touch of DIY decoration. To give your house an antique look over grouting is the best technique for renovating your home. So if you want a DIY touch in your living room. Take a look at our How to Overgrout Stone with all the details included. 

Different Grouting Techniques

There are three distinct grout techniques each with its unique look. Dry stack joints, standard joints, and over-grout joints. These tree joint finishes play a major role when it comes to finishing a job that has the look and feel of real stone.  

  • Dry stack joints are accomplished by dry fitting each stone before installation each piece is laid with virtually no joint even though you’ve used mortar to set the stone to the surface when the finished look will appear as though no mortar was used to install the stone 
  • A standard joint is achieved by laying each stone roughly one finger width apart from each other than a grout bag is used to fill the joints with mortar forcing grout into any voids. The tip of the grout bag should be cut to accommodate the size of the joints. The mortar should be right between being too wet and too dry. 
  • Over grout joints have become a popular way to achieve an old-world look. The grout overlaps the face of the stone widening the joints and making them very irregular. 

Things You Need To Consider Before Grouting 

Generally, people tend to use the fireplace, outside sidewalls of their house, and many other places where the wall will be the center of attention. So before you start grouting consider these things first- 

Choose Your Grouting Wall

It is very important to decide which wall you want to use as the focal point of your home. It can be a wall or bookshelf or at the back of your mounted tv anywhere you want. 

Select Your Design 

The first thing you need is to decide about the concrete measurements, and pre-order some specific items that you’d be using that would dictate the size of the build, electric insert for tv or fireplace, and other related things that you need to and want to add in your wall for decoration.

Tweak The Measurements

In any kind of build-up, you need a layout of your wall design with the exact measurement of all the things included. 

Prepare Your Place

To do the foundation work prepare the place and clean out all the surfaces. Remove any electrical plug-ins and cover the floors of that specific area of the build-up. 

How To Overgrout Stone

How To Overgrout Stone

If you want a DIY over-grouting style wall follow these steps below-

Step 1

It is important to select your preferred stone and the required grouting mixture for your wall. If you want to grout on a shelf, attach some cement board to your shelf to make a base for grouting. But if it’s a wall you can just have to get wet your wall and slap on some concrete mix or masonry grab adhesive to stick the rocks. 

Step 2

Add some adhesive to the back of the rocks and attach them to your wall. As it is a settle grouting procedure leave space between the rocks so later you can fill them up with the mortar mix. This way attach all the rocks to your wall and give them some time to settle down.

Step 3 

The mortar must be applied without air pockets and filled to the substrate after grouting the joints check to see if your mortar is ready before striking. The normal wait time is about 30 to 60 minutes. Push your finger into the mortar. It should be firm. This is a good indication you are ready to strike the mortar and whisk away the debris. 

Step 4

Use a wooden or metal striking tool to rake out excess mortar to the desired depth. While at the same time forcing mortar into the joints to seal the stone edges. Use a whisk broom to smooth and clean away loose mortar from the joints and the stone face. Mortar color additives can be used to enhance the look of the stone. They should be pre-mixed with the water before mixing into the mortar. This will allow for a consistent color blend. The grout techniques and color additives can be just as important as laying the stone.  

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Final Verdict

This DIY hack is so simple and easy that you can do it in 1 or 2 days following our How to Overgrout Stone easy guideline and give your home a rustic look. 

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