How To Cut Rubber Patio Pavers (In-depth Guide)

Rubber patio pavers are a relatively new addition to the market. They compete with concrete and brick pavers which also have their own benefits. Moreover, you can make this your own DIY project of cutting and installing if you read and follow our How To Cut Rubber Patio Pavers tips from start to finish. 

Pros And Cons Of Rubber Patio Pavers

Most of the rubber pavers are made from old car tires which are meant to withstand harsh situations. Like any other pavers, they also have pros and cons and they are-


  • Through all the paver materials rubber pavers are the easiest to install and replace. 
  • They are a more affordable, durable, and eco-friendly choice for building a patio 
  • They are much more shock absorbent than the stone making them a smart choice for small children who play on patios or elderly people
  • Super slip resistant
  • If the patio is in a high traffic area rubber is a good choice
  • Rubber pavers do not need a perfectly level surface as they are bendable
  • They are far less susceptible to cracking or chipping over time


  • They may not be as aesthetically pleasing as other mater
  • They may fade in direct sunlight more quickly
  • If you are trying to achieve a certain look then these pavers might not be for you
  • They are more susceptible to shifting after time and they may need to be pulled out and reset

Tools For Cutting Rubber Pavers

  • Safety gloves 
  • A measuring tape
  • A straight edge guide
  • A cup of soapy water
  • A sharp utility knife 
  • A straight surface 
  • Wax pencil or marker 

How To Cut Rubber Patio Pavers?

Now follow this super easy step by step guideline to cut your rubber pavers yourself-

  • Place your rubber paver on a level slip-resistant surface where it won’t move while cutting. Or this you can use a 2×4 scrap wood or any other sub-surface you don’t care about if it gets scratched up
  • Another thing to keep in mind the straight edge guide must run the width of the roll and all the way. You must not use a 12-inch ruler cause that’ll make crooked cuts and definitely you don’t want that
  • Now measure your desired length and width using the measuring tape and mark with the marker so you know where to cut
  • After you’re done measuring now it’s time to cut. Now place your straight edge guide in the marked area and press it hard so it won’t move
  • Now dunk your sharp knife into the soapy solution and start scoring. You may have to score at once before you can get all the way through it but the key is getting a nice clean score 
  • Now when you’ll hit the sub-surface all the way you’ll know you have cut your rubber paver successfully
  • This way cut all the paver pieces you need
How To Cut Rubber Patio Pavers

Tools Needed For Installation 

  • Your pre-cut pavers 
  • Clips 
  • Wax pencil 
  • Measuring tape
  • A straightedge 
  • Utility knife or jigsaw
  • Safety glasses
  • Mallet 
  • Knee pads 
  • Gloves 

How To Install Rubber Patio Pavers?

To install rubber pavers in your patios you can buy big pieces of rubber pavers and then cut according to your preference or you can buy a pre-cut patio paver from the store. This type of installation is so easy that you can do it on your own following the simple steps-

  • First, always make sure that you start from a corner of your patio so you can have one full row of pavers from end to end lining up along the patio shape.
  • To figure out how many tiles you need measure out the whole area and choose the size of your pavers 
  • The pavers usually come with clips or if not you can also buy them from the store. The pavers have little grooves where the clips fit 
  • Now place your first paver in the corner and place a clip underneath the groove and then place another rubber paver next to it.  
  • Now give a little bash on the grooves with the mallet so they are secure in the place and move to the next
  • As you continue with your pavers you may have to make a cut for any specific corner or round
  • Here use your tape to measure the corner and mark the width and depth of your rubber paver so it fits that corner and use your straightedge to cut with your knife 
  • Now place your cut paver in that place and attach it with the clips
  • This way you can install all the rubber pavers on your patio. 

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Final Verdict

After you are done installing your rubber paver following our guidelines on How To Cut Rubber Patio Pavers you’ll be amazed to see your end results and admire your own work. 

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