Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs In A Living Room?

There are so many different accent chairs to choose from in the market right now. But what even is accent seating is? Have you ever thought about that? But are you thinking, Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs In A Living Room? Then you are in the right place to get all the inside-out details you need to know. 

For many people, an accent chair means bringing in additional seating to your sofa group. You can choose accent chairs for different areas of your home. So people tend to buy several chairs; which might be different in styles, colors, and designs. 

Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs In A Living Room

People are now more into breaking up that matching set of their living room furniture with a sofa, and loveseat, and a chair that all matches and coordinates perfectly. These were super popular during the 80s and 90s. It’s a total no-no to do too much matching in your home furniture decorations.

If you want to buy Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs In A Living Room and you want them to be in two different styles or colors or designs, then you should definitely go for it. Having different accent chairs works great in living rooms and they make the whole decor stylish and modern. So having two different accent chairs in a living room breaks up that old matching horror. 

Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs In A Living Room

That’s why people now choose to buy different types, colors, and designs of accent chairs to make the whole thing come together. This will make the whole room 

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying An Accent Chair 

Accent chairs are now at the height of popularity which gives your living room, bedroom, or any room, in general, a new dimension. So to choose an accent chair, especially for your living room you need to buy such a piece that will be different from your other sitting arrangements but will still complement overall. 

Before choosing to buy an accent chair make sure you measure your space to determine what size of accent chair will fit perfectly. 

Define your style. Do you want a more traditional or contemporary chair? 

Look at your current furniture. Do you want something that matches your decor or something that contrasts?

Consider how you will use the chair. Is it for sitting upright or relaxing? Consider a pair of chairs to flank a sofa or to create a reading corner.

Kinds Of Accent Chairs 

Three are endless choices when choosing the right accent chairs for your living room. Such as recliners, stationary chairs, chairs in ottoman combination, chairs with motion is very popular right now, swivel chairs, rocking chairs and that’s just to name a few. So it is you who knows exactly, which.

How To Choose The Right Accent Chair?

Just like any furniture purchase whether it’s a sofa, chair, your bed, you have to think about space planning. What room is this accent chair is going to go in, and what size is going to go work best for you in your space. 

Another thing you would want to ask yourself is, who’ll be using this chair? Is it primarily going to be used for your guest to sit in when they come over to visit or it’s a chair that you see yourself spending hours in maybe reading a book watching a movie or just simply relaxing in?

When you’re out there shopping for your accent chair don’t rush through it. Just take your time, spend some time in these chairs, sit in, relax, and get comfortable. This will help you decide if you want a deep cozy chair for you, how does your back feel, do you need maybe a little bit taller for a better neck and back support. 

You also need to decide whether you want arms in it and if it will properly rest your shoulders or not. You also need to think about cushion cores. We recommend using sofa area rugs in the area.

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Final Verdict

But coordinating all the pieces in your living room is a must. You want the colors to be unified. So do some research on what you want or what will go best with the piece. You don’t have to worry about Can You Have Two Different Accent Chairs In A Living Room and the final answer is yes definitely you can and you must. 

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