How Long Is Deer Meat Good In The Freezer (5 Easy Steps)

Hunting deer for your meat supply sounds so inhumane and demonetized. But it can also be seen as a balance for sustainable food supply and a really good source of nutrition which can also save us from diseases like anemia, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

So it is on us how well can be balanced sustainable hunting and overhunting where preservation also matters a lot. So if you want to enjoy the healthy red meat of venison you should do that and also learn about How Long is Deer Meat Good in the Freezer and how can you freeze it for a longer period. 

Deer Meat Preservation Time 

It is important to store your raw deer meat or any kind of meat in the refrigerator to prevent any kind of foodborne illness. So if you have freshly cut deer meat make sure the meat is properly wrapped so you don’t have to worry about any leaks that could contaminate other food in your refrigerator. 

To safeguard against this, it’s a good idea to store the meat that’s already been wrapped in some kind of container or on a sheet pan in the refrigerator that will keep it separated from everything else in the fridge. 

Once you’ve done that then it’s important to keep track of dates. If you want to write down when you bring some deer meat from hunting or a butcher so you know when you’ve had that meat. 

There are different timelines to keep the deer meat fresh and that depends on which cut is the meat is in; is it in-ground or cured. Usually, ground meat or cured deer meat stays fresh for about 3 to 4 months. If the meat is in steaks or roasts you can keep it for 9 to 10 months or so. 

But if you well wrapped and airtight wrapped your deer meat it stays fresh for 3 to 4 years at 0 degrees F temperature in the freezer. So that means the preservation time of your deer meat completely depends on the freezing or storing technique you are using. 

How Long Is Deer Meat Good In The Freezer

Preserving deer meat can be done in many ways but if you want to go the easier one that will surely be by keeping the meat wrapped in the deep freezer. But that can also be a problem if you do not know the popper way to wrap the meat before keeping it in the freezer and that might cause freezer meat burn which you don’t want. 

So to wrap a large hunk of deer meat properly so it lasts forever in a freezer you’ll need the following things down below:

How Long Is Deer Meat Good In The Freezer
  • Freezer paper
  • Cling wrap or plastic wrap 
  • Freezer tape
  • Marker
  • Scissors 

Step 1 

The first thing you need to do is take out your cling wrap and lay it on the table in a sizable section. We would recommend using a section that’s double to three times the length of the meat. 

Step 2

Now keep a piece of meat in the middle of the cling wrap and wrap it right on over the meat the most important part here is to get any extra air out because that will cause you freezer burn. Push the wrap[e as much as possible to make it air-tight and wrap it nicely. This is the most important part here and it will last in your freezer for a long time. 

Step 3

Now grab your freezer paper and lay it flat on the table. Here you have to have the shiny side of the paper on the inside. Now take your wrapped meat and put it on the freezer paper lengthwise or crosswise.

You have to make sure when you fold your paper up that it’s going to go at least cross the edge; it doesn’t have to be straight in the middle, has to be across the edge. Otherwise, it won’t fold upright.

Step 4

Now take your scissors cut across the paper and fold the paper-pushing all the edges down. Fold it like a nice Christmas present and smooth out everything nicely. Lastly, grab some tape and cut about an inch or two, and tape down the meat package. When you’re done keep all the packages in the freezer and it will last you a long time. Mark the packages according to the date with a marker before putting them into the freezer. 

5 Health Benefits Of Deer Meat 

Deer meat is also known as venison which technically encompasses any type of meat from an animal within the deer family, which includes Caribou, Antelope, Reindeer, and Elk meat as well. Deer meat is full of health benefits which makes it a great alternative for beef or pork. 

  1. Deer meat is low in fat and calorie than beef and pork. It also boasts an extensive list of nutrients, providing a good amount of Niacin, Zinc, and vitamin B12 that you need for the entire day.
  2. Local venison is also considered a more sustainable source of protein that can help keep the deer population under control to prevent damage to woodlands and crops.
  3. Deer meat is incredibly beneficial to reduce a different kinds of respiratory infections and other diseases
  4. Deer meat promotes weight loss. So if you are extremely health conscious you can try deer meat which has enormous benefits with fewer calories
  5. Venison meat helps to prevent anemia so if you’ve been suffering from this you should try deer meat for instance

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Final Verdict 

So with all that said you must have gathered a basic knowledge of how long is deer meat good in the freezer, what are the benefits you can have if you consume this meat and so on which will help you develop your food habits. 

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