How To Measure For Blackout Curtains (Details Guide)

You’ve settled on your design, chosen your curtains, and can’t wait to have them hanging elegantly in your windows. To ensure that they fit correctly you must know How to Measure for Blackout Curtains

Those who like peace and quiet will appreciate these curtains’ ability to reduce the amount of noise that gets into a room. Minimizing every day sounds like traffic, construction, and loud neighborhood children can cause an unpleasant atmosphere. So people who value complete and utter privacy blackout curtains will suit your lifestyle. 

How To Measure For Blackout Curtains?

Blackout curtains are used to blacken your room or obstruct the light in your room. People use them for a variety of causes. Parents often install them in their kid’s nurseries. So that they can make the room dark and quiet. So it is very serious to measure out the perfect size for your windows so no light can come in from any corners.  So if you’re also looking for blackout curtain installation let’s first know How To Measure For Blackout Curtains out your curtains perfectly.

How To Measure For Blackout Curtains

Firstly, with blackout curtains, it’s essential that all of your measurements are in hole centimeters. Also, floors and ceilings are not always even or level. So it’s a good idea to check with a spirit level. 

The track or pole your using should extend between 15 centimeters and 30 centimeters by the side of the window. So the curtains stack back at the curtained window. The fitting also needs to be between 12 centimeters and 15 centimeters. So you can’t see the curtain heading from outside and there’s nowhere for lights to come in when the curtains are drawn.

For measuring you’ll need a set of step ladders or metal measuring tape and a pencil and pad.

Start with the width that’s the width of the pole. All rail, not the window. Measure between the finials; the decorative end pieces. Make a note of the measurement; if you’re using a rail instead and it has a center overlap. First, measure the rail then the bit that overlaps, and add the two together. 

If there’s no overlap just measure the whole rail from end to end. The drop is down to your personal choice based on the heading you choose and where you want your curtains to hang. 

You can hang curtains on the floor, to a windowsill, or hang below the sill. Remember floors and sills may not be level. So be sure to measure in at least three places along the pole. Use the shortest measurements to stop the curtains from dragging along the floor or the sill.

If you’re using a certain rail instead of measuring from the top of the track again to where you’d like the curtain to finish. Tab top headings have 10-centimeter-long tabs that are naturally part of the curtain drops. For these measure the top of the pole to the length you prefer. Tab tops are okay with poles up to 30 millimeters in diameter.

Eyelet headings are also only suitable for poles of up to 30 millimeters. The inner eyelet is 5 centimeters from the top of the curtain. So you need to measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish and add 5 centimeters. Measurements will vary depending on the heading you want for your curtains. 

Best Blackout Curtain Fabrics 

As blackout curtains fully block light and sound coming from outside the material should be thick, resistant, and heavy. If you want to purchase fabric for your blackout curtains, then you should know about the materials which are perfect for this. 

Microfiber Fabric 

Microfiber fabric for blackout curtains is the first choice for most people. Because of their 90% light prevention quality, they make good blackout curtains. They are heavy and the blocks sound perfect. 


Polyester fabrics are thick, nice, and have a glossy finish to them which makes them another great choice for blackout curtains. They also make your curtains look luxurious and expensive looking. 

Flame Retardant Fabric

This fabric is less expensive and more resistant to fire and temperature. They help insulate your house in the winter times and keep warm winds outside in the summer times. 

Thermal Insulated Fabric

If you want blackout curtains to match all kinds of the weather outside and maintain a comfortable, soundproof, and full sun light resistant fabric for your house then this kind of fabric is for you. They make great thermal insulation in your house and block light up to 95%. 

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Final Verdict 

So these are the fabric that you can use to make your blackout curtains of course after you know how to measure blackout curtains for any window. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Measure For Curtains And Rods

When measuring for curtains and rods, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, measure the width of the window from the outside edge of the molding to the outside edge of the other molding.

Add 6 inches to this measurement to allow for the 3-inch fold on each side of the curtain. Next, measure the height of the window from the top of the molding to the sill.

Add 12 inches to this measurement to allow for the 6-inch header above the curtain and the 6-inch hem at the bottom of the curtain. Finally, choose a curtain rod that is at least 2 inches wider than the window.

How Do You Know What Size Blackout Curtains To Get?

When it comes to blackout curtains, size definitely matters! But how do you know what size to get for your windows?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for blackout curtains:

  • The width of the curtains should be at least 2 times the width of the window. This will ensure that the curtains fully cover the window and block out all light.
  • The length of the curtains should be long enough to reach the floor or close to it. This will also help to block out light and ensure privacy.
  • If you have a particularly large window, you may need to purchase 2 sets of blackout curtains in order to get full coverage.
  • Blackout curtains are also available in different colors. If you want to add a pop of color to your room, choose a color that coordinates with your décor.

Now that you know a few things to keep in mind when shopping for blackout curtains, you should be able to find the perfect size for your windows!

How Heavy Are Blackout Curtains

Most blackout curtains are made of very heavy fabric, such as vinyl or canvas. The weight of the fabric helps to keep the light from entering the room. Blackout curtains are often used in rooms where light needs to be blocked out, such as bedrooms and media rooms.

How Much Wider Should Blackout Curtains Be Than The Window?

The width of blackout curtains should be at least twice the width of the window. This will ensure that the curtains are able to block out all of the light from the window.

How Do You Measure And Install Blackout Curtains?

Looking to install blackout curtains in your home? Here’s a quick guide on how to measure and install them!

First, you’ll need to measure the width and height of your window. To do this, simply use a tape measure. Once you have your measurements, add an extra 3-4 inches on each side to account for the curtain rod.

Next, you’ll need to install your curtain rod. To do this, simply follow the instructions that came with your curtain rod. Once the rod is installed, it’s time to hang your curtains!

To hang your curtains, simply thread them onto the curtain rod. Once they’re all threaded on, adjust the curtains to your desired length and then tie or clip them in place.

And that’s it! You’ve now successfully installed blackout curtains in your home.

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