How To Dye A Nylon Jacket [Explained!]

Nylon is a dyeable synthetic material. Dyeing a nylon jacket is an even more straightforward process. So if you dye your clothes it can revolutionize your wardrobe and style and bring your colors right up to date. 

There are different ways and procedures that you can use for dyeing nylon, like using multi-purpose dye. If you are a beginner in dyeing ut still want to give your favorite jacket a new look then you should give our How To Dye A Nylon Jacket hack a try and see the results for yourself. 

How To Dye A Nylon Jacket

When you are using the dyeing method to color your clothes the result depends on three things. So make sure you are considering these three things before you proceed with your DIY project. 

How To Dye A Nylon Jacket
  • The type of  the fabric
  • The color of the fabric
  • The weight of the fabric you’re using

About Nylon Fabric 

When you are working with a certain fabric it is very important to study important details about it. So here as we are going to discuss dyeing a nylon jacket. Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is used for both clothing and home decor. 

Nylon’s greatest strength is its durability. It is such a strong fiber that it’s also used to make parachute cords. Car seat straps, and life-saving rope for mountain climbing. Which is important content when it comes to dying or coloring it.

When we try to dye a fabric we have to use chemicals to bleach it or color it which may damage it. As nylon is very durable and flexible dyeing will not be a problem. Even though nylon isn’t inherently stain-resistant but it can be made stain-resistant with the right kind of dye and application process. So you might need to work a little bit harder to stain or dye your nylon jacket.

Hack 1 

The first hack to dye your nylon jacket is by using dialogue multi-purpose dye which is excellent for a wide variety of fabrics including cotton, linen, viscose, wool, silk, nylon, and even polyester. To dye using these dye blocks follow the steps down below:

Step 1

First, take your jacket and weigh it to check the right amount of dye and then give it a good wash in the usual way. 

Step 2

Each little tin will dye up to 250 grams of dry fabric. Now you’ve got to remember your color mixing rules, for example, if you are using a blue dye on a red-colored fabric the result you’re going to get is a purple color. So take the right amount of dye according to the weight and color of your jacket. 

Step 3

Now take a saucepan and fill it with enough water to cover your jacket. Now dissolve your powered color in 500 grams of boiling water and stir it. Now pour 30 grams of salt into your saucepan and carefully add the dye solution.

Step 4

Now finally add your jacket into the water mixture and fully submerge it. Bring the water to t simmer and stir it for 20 minutes. Then let the water cool slightly and then take it to the sink and rinse it in cold water until the water runs clear. Lastly, wash it in your usual way.

Hack 2

For this hack, you’ll need the following supplies down below:

  • Rit all-purpose dye
  • Rit color stay dye fixative
  • Nylon jacket
  • Hot water
  • Salt or vinegar
  • Spoon
  • Dish soap
  • Gloves 

Step 1: Get Your Fabric Wet 

The first step to dyeing your nylon jacket is to take a bowl of cold water and dunk your jacket in it to make it soaking wet and then just squeeze off the excess water. 

Step 2: Make Your Mixture

Now take another bowl of hot water and add a cup of salt or vinegar. Now take a spoon and stir it well to dissolve. Now add a drop of dish soap and stir again. Put on your gloves and shake the bottle of your dye.

For every pound of fabric use ½ cup of dye with three gallons of the hottest water. To get a darker color or more intense color double the quantity of your dye liquid or powder. Stir again! Use a paper towel or napkin to test the color.

Step 3; Add In The Fabric

Now add your jacket to the dye bath. Stir for 10-30 minutes until the desired color is achieved. Now use Rit color to stay dye fixative immediately after dyeing and before washing to enhance the color and reduce bleeding. 

Step 4: Add Dye Fixative

Add four tablespoons of dye fixative to three gallons of hot water and stir in another container. Now add the dyed jacket to the bath. Stir occasionally for 20 minutes. Now remove the jacket from the fixative dye bath and rinse in cold water until the water runs clear. Lastly, wash in warm water with a mild detergent. Rinse and dirty!

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Final Verdict

Both the hacks we described here are super easy to follow and you will be amazed to see the final result in both ways. You can also follow this How To Dye A Nylon Jacket hack for dyeing other kinds of fabrics. 

But make sure to check the dye manufacturer’s recommendation before using. If you liked our dyeing hacks then don’t forget to let us know what’s your thoughts on this. 

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