How To Drain A Coleman Pool (4 Easy Steps)


Were you lazy last summer and didn’t empty your Coleman pool? If it’s yes, then you have a big mess that you don’t know how you’re going to get out of. You didn’t try to cipher it out. But don’t worry in this article you’ll get your perfect solution if you simply just give it a read and you’ll instantly find your solution of How To Drain A Coleman Pool or any pool that you have in your backyard.

So now you don’t know how to work that out. It’s going to be a big mess and a massive headache for you. So you just got a bucket and threw the water out. You didn’t even get a mop and soak the water.

Ways To Drain Your Coleman Pool

If you do not work smarter while draining your pool you’re going to be felt with water even after several days inside your pool which you would want to avoid. There are three basic options you have for draining your pool down. 

Drain pool using the main drain: If you have a main drain in the pool you can cut your skimmer off, shut the shut-off valve, open the shut-off out for just your main drain, put your filter on backwash or rinse and cut your pump on and it’ll pump your water down to virtually nothing. 

Now not everyone has the main drain. So if you have a main drain that’s a really easy route to do it but if you don’t then the next two ways can be helpful for you.

Use a sump pump: you’ll know what a sump pump is if you have a pump for your cover. It’s a little pump bigger than your fist that you put on top of your cover. You connect it with your water hose to it and you pump the water off the top of your cover in the wintertime. That’s a sump pump. 

You can use the cover pump that you have or you can go to a rental store. We wouldn’t recommend necessarily buying one that can be a bit pricey but you can go to a rental one which charges 30 to 60 dollars a day. Then you can pop your pool down within the day. 

Siphon water with garden hose: this is the most old-fashioned way to drain your Coleman pool. In this manner you throw that hose in the pool, you suck on the other end of the pool till you get the nasty water in your mouth and then the siphon gets going. 

Here we are going to discuss siphoning but using a hack that will not require you to get nasty water in your mouth. 

How To Drain A Coleman Pool 

When it comes to How To Drain A Coleman Pool there are some things that you must know about if you want to empty your pool the easiest way possible. 

How To Drain A Coleman Pool

Step 1: Find The Valve

There is a water valve underneath every above-ground pool which is used for filling the pool and emptying it as well. It comes with an adapter and you need to pop your hose pipe on it. It drains out the pool. 

It works easy and it will take about 2 to 3 days to empty the pool in its entirety depending on the size of your pool. 

Step 2: Siphon Your Pool

After two days later you’ll see most of the water gone from your pool. But there will still be at least 2 inches of water left inside the pool which can not be drained with a hose. Because the valve isn’t actually on the bottom of the pool. 

So for this, you have to use the old-fashioned way to fully drain your pool. Meaning put one end up and over the pool and take the other end suck on a little bit till water comes out and then just let it drain out. 

Step 3: Joining The Two Ends Of A Hosepipe

Now put one end of your garden hose pipe in the pool where the water is and plug the other end as you squiggle on outright to the spigot and turn it on to fill in the pipe with some water. So what this is going to do is start filling the pool a little bit. 

But you have to turn off the hose valve after a couple of seconds and pull out the hose pipe plug just throw it onto your garden. This way the water will start to come out of the pool and it will completely drain after a couple of hours. Make sure your pool is not completely level and one side is on the lower side so all the water goes into that direction. 

Step 4: Clean The Leftover Debris

After several hours your pool’s water will completely evaporate and all the dirty water will be cleaned. But there will still be dirt or leaves in the pool left which you need to needfully. 

So for this, you can take a broom and sweep all the dirt from underneath the pool and give it a final rinse with some sweater and let it dry for another hour before you pack it up finally. 

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Final Verdict

The ways that we discussed here can be a great help for you if you want to drain out your pool in a hassle-free way. So we hope our how to drain a Coleman pool hack is helpful for you. But you can also go for the other solutions as well if you have the right tools with you. 

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