How to Clean Otterbox Case (5 Easy Steps)

I know many of us don’t think of “How to Clean Otterbox Case” our phone cases regularly, but remember, most of us use this device more than any other, and we’re constantly transferring all sorts of dirt and grime and bacteria from our hands on to the phone case and vice versa. 

There is also a tendency to throw away phone cases when they get a little dirty but when it comes to an Otterboxcase which is hella expensive that can not be the case. So when you want to buy expensive protective gear for your phone you have to be prepared to take care of it.

That means you must clean your expensive Otterbox case regularly and deep clean occasionally. To do this you must know how to clean Otterbox cases in the first place. But don’t worry we’ve got your back and explained an elaborated cleaning hack to save your Otterbox case. 

About Otterbox Cases

Otterbox is reputed for being high quality and excessively protective. They are also extremely fiddly and difficult to put on and off. They are mostly popular for designing iPhone cases but they also make other make phone cases for other brands as well. 

These phones are definitely on the high-end side, especially for their multiple functions in their cases which are amazing to use. Otterbox cases give you a sense of security and durability unlike any other phone case brand on the market. 

Otterbox cases have a three-piece design with the inner plastic layer that is well crafted with nice padding on the inside to prevent sliding and even the included stand is really handy if you’re trying to watch movies. Overall the finish is rather nicely done considering this is a rugged case and even after dropping several times these cases will remain as good as new. 

How to Clean Otterbox Case

Your phone case is undoubtedly one of the nastiest things on planet earth. Not only does it look dirty, but it is also dirty. Just take a quick second to think about where this phone goes each day. So it’s time to clean it for sure. 

How to Clean Otterbox Case

Plastic is relatively easy to bring back to near new conditions. People have been experimenting with their phone cases when it comes to cleaning them. Like with different solutions, rubbing alcohol, acetone, rubber eraser, magic eraser, oxygen bleach, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, baking soda, eye makeup remover, alcohol, enzyme cleaners, laundry detergent, fairy dust, and the list is endless. 

Tools You’ll Need 

  • Dish soap
  • Warm water
  • A cleaning toothbrush
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Baking soda 

Step 1

People use different kinds of jewelers in their Otterbox cases so if you have jewels on your case you better be careful with it. So the first step to cleaning your case is by removing it from your phone. 

Step 2

Now add a drop or two of dish liquid to a bowl filled with warm water, mix it up, and voila, you just made warm soapy water. Now take this warm soapy water and your cleaning toothbrush to scrub off all of the dirt and debris and oily buildup from the plastic part of the case and use a  gentle back and forth motion while scrubbing. 

Step 3

For any tough stain you can sprinkle on a bit of baking soda and that will help scrub off the stains as well. Use soapy water and a toothbrush to clean the silicone part of the case as well. Be very careful as you don’t want to scrape that silicone. We wouldn’t recommend anything else for the silicone. It’s a complete waste of time, and energy and you might even ruin your case.

Step 4

Finally, rinse and use the cloth to carefully wipe everything and let that case air dry for an hour or so just to ensure there’s no residue moisture in there. 

Step 5

Now for that optional step of disinfecting your phone case, simply take some rubbing alcohol, anything above 70% should work, spray both the plastic and silicone parts of your case, and then just wipe immediately with a lint-free cloth. 

You can also use alcohol wipes if you want. Although this is an optional step, it is important to remember that your phone and your Otterbox case can harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat. So just think about that for a moment. 

To keep phone cases looking good in-between cleaning, you can quickly spray a microfiber cloth with a little bit of dish soap and water, and wipe them down on a somewhat regular basis. You can do the same thing with that rubbing alcohol treatment because every little bit helps. 

Note that, stains like dye transfer from denim and food stains, dirty handprints, etc. are permanent on silicone. So level of acceptance is needed here. 

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Final Verdict 

So cleaning your Otterbox case is a job that you’re going to have to do monthly to keep it as fresh as possible. Use our How to Clean Otterbox Case hack at home and we are sure you’ll get benefited.

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