All About Gel Stains And How Long Does Gel Stain Take To Dry?

Gel stain is a great product if you are working on multiple species of woods to be able to get a nice uniform consistent color. If you are familiar with wood finishing projects you would know how difficult it is to stain your wood perfectly.  All About Gel Stains And How Long Does Gel Stain Take To Dry?

With other kinds of stains, you need balance and precision, and experience with staining your wood but with gel stains, you can stay relaxed while staining your wood. Even if you make mistakes you can always go back and make it right with gel stains. 

Gel stains have a nice creamy consistency almost kind of like a shoe polish consistency. If you are a beginner in this sector, then you need to read all about gel stains and how long does gel stains take to dry write-up. 

What Is Gel Stain?

Gel stain has a lot more colorant than any other liquid oil satin or water stains. This can cause unwanted markings on the absorbent open grain of raw wood surfaces. It has a thicker consistency unlike any other kind of stain. 

But gel stain does not penetrate the wood gains. Because it sits on top of the wood surface and does not go inside the grains it allows you to easily repaint any other color without ripping the existing one.  

That means gel stain is topical. They don’t soak in; they don’t penetrate deep into the wood. So if you are a beginner in the wood finisher industry we recommend you start learning to stain your woods with gel stains. It gives a unified color over multiple species of woods. 

Gel Stain Vs. Liquid Stain

Gel stain is quite a bit different from the liquid stain that you are used to but it is way more versatile. With gel stains, you have greater control of color. The reason is it has some gel polyurethane in it, so it will dry. Therefore, you can layer color over color over color. But you cannot do that with a liquid stain. 

Another difference is that you can stain your wood grains with gel stain vertical surfaces with ease which you cannot do with liquid stains because it’s too runny. 

Now some woods like pine, birch, and cherry tend to look blotchy when stained. But gel stain can alleviate that because you can always come back later on those lighter areas and add a little bit more color and even out the whole piece of wood. 

With liquid stain, the end grains happen to seem a little bit darker because the open pores on that area soak in the stain more. But with gel stain that does not happen and the whole thing is much more even tone. 

How Long Does Gel Stain Take To Dry

Like any other kind of stains gel stain takes the same amount of time for proper drying. How Long Does Gel Stain Take To Dry, mostly it depends on the fact of how many layers you add to your wood of gel stain. As we’ve already mentioned that gel stain has a thick consistency it takes a little bit more time at times. 

Generally, with a thin layer of gel stain, it takes 8 to 10 hours to dry but if you add 2 to 3 layers of gel stain then it is best to leave it overnight for completely drying before you move on to the next step. 

If you are doing a large project like a full kitchen, then it is better to add one layer then come back the next day then add another one. This way you can fully control the whole staining process and also have room to redo any mistakes. 

How Long Does Gel Stain Take To Dry

Factors That Determine The Drying Time 

While the gel stain takes 8 to 10 hours for drying and in cases overnight it can also dry faster or more flowers depending on some key factors related to your area and weather. Meaning if you live in a humid area it slows down the drying process and might take more than 24 hours or so. That’s why you need to be careful about the factors below that might hamper your wood finishing job on the whole. 


There are different brands out there in the market when it comes to selling manufacturing gel stains. When you are working with the wood finish of the course you want the best gel stain brand. That’s why there remain different time differences within brands that recommend specific drying times of their products. 


The ups and downs of temperature can also be a lot of brakes when it comes to drying stains. Normally the standard temperature for gel stain to dry requires 70 degrees Fahrenheit but if the temperature drops then the drying process will take longer to fully dry off.


Humidity is another crucial factor for stain drying. It is good to have a 40 to 50 percent humidity level for gel stain to dry off but if the humidity level increases to 80% or more then it might become a problem for you because the more the humidity the more time it will take for the gel stain to dry off. 


Ventilation is a must for all types of stains to dry off. In all cases, a well-ventilated place is required for the stains to dry properly. So when you are working with a gel stain it also requires a well-ventilated room or someplace open enough. 

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Final Verdict 

So you can understand overall aspects related to gel stains when it comes to using them, their application process, the time they take for drying, and all the other things that you need to consider while working with gel stains. If you are still confused, then give us all about gel stains and how long does gel stain take to dry write-up another read. 

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