How To Install Aluminum Fence Gate [6 Easy Steps]

When you move to your new home with a pull or a garden or both you instantly can feel the need to install aluminum fence gates to make it secure for your kids and your pets. If you are already thinking that then you are in the right place to find a solution for DIYing your fence and gate. This installation doesn’t have to be tricky at all if you have your tools ready and do the proper research. 

how to install aluminum fence gate you need to select the right kind of gate in the first place. Install your hinges with screws using a drill. securely Then install the gate latch with a stopper to make your gate fully secure for your kids and pets. 

If you carefully read this whole piece you won’t miss a single bit of information that is needed for an aluminum fence gate installation with some great helpful tips to make your work much easier. 

How To Install An Aluminum Fence Gate 

Aluminum fence gates are so versatile that they can be installed anywhere in your garden, pool area, main entrance, garage, etc. They are pretty easy to install and you only need a good quality aluminum gate, some tools, and little extra help. So let’s jump into the whole discussion: 

Step 1 

One thing you need to remember is that you have to install the gate so it swings outwards. So what you’re going to need is a pair of post-hole diggers to dig holes for the gate poles. Keep your hands together and push them inside the soil with force. Then push down and pull apart the tool’s handle. This way you’ll be able to get the soil out of the hole. There might be rust under the soil so break them apart by pushing the tool inside.

Step 2

When you think you’re close, take your gate post and force it down the hole. Make sure the post is about two inches into the ground. If your home is too deep add someone to the dirt underneath to fill up the extra gap. Now when you are satisfied with the height, but the dirt around the post so it can stand on its own. Put a metal pole on top of the posts with a level to make sure the post is straight. 

Step 3

Now pour loose concrete in the hole. And pack it with a bar. So it’s nice and secure. Install the rest of the posts the same way as did the first one. Now it’s time to install the first section of your fence. Look closely at your fence and you’ll see there are screws on one side and not on the other side. Now insert the fence into the post. Now drill through all your screws. 

Step 4

Now measure the area where the fence gate will be placed. Usually, the fence gates are 4 feet wide. Now do hole the same way you did for the post. You need to make sure the fence gate post is four inches wide both at the top and the bottom. To solidify the pot, pour some water into the hole and then add your concrete on top. Leave the hole to make the concrete solid. 

Step 5

In the meantime, you can set the rest of the fence using the previous process. When you are done installing the wall it’s time to install the gate. Make sure the posts are level where you want your gate to be. Lay down your gate on the opening of your gate. Attach the gate hinges tightly with a drill. Now place the gate against the post to screw down the other side of the hinges. 

How To Install Aluminum Fence Gate

Step 6

Now it’s time for the latch installation. If you are installing a magnetic latch follow the instructions to install it. But if you are installing a regular latch just screw it onto the gate as usual. 

Diy Aluminum Gate 

When you are DIYing your fence gate it is important to match the gate with the rest of the fence so it doesn’t look out of place. Like if the fence is wood then the gate should be wood or if the fence is metal then the gate should be metal too. So as this article is all about aluminum fences and gates we are going to explain to you how you can DIY an aluminum gate:

  1. It is very important to measure the height and width of your fence gap where you want to install the gate. So that you can determine the sizing of your gate and place your order earlier. Also make sure the gate matches the fence design, the color, and the material
  2. There are many options for fence gate hinges, a standard gate latch, and a gate stopper which is also equally important. Because those parts will eventually make your fence gate stronger 
  3. Make sure there is enough gap underneath the fence gate so it shut open each time which is the main purpose of these gates and it does not scratch the grass or soil or concrete underneath 
  4. Make sure to purchase or borrow all the necessary tools you’re going to be using during the installation process 

How To Install An Aluminum Fence On Concrete 

If you are planning on fastening an aluminum fence concrete wedge anchors are commonly used in these types of applications. When fastening to concrete, brick, or block base material follow the instructions below:

  • You must use a hammer drill. Always use eye and ear protection when using a hammer drill. The hole should be drilled ½-inch deeper in the base material than the anchor will penetrate. The deeper the embedment the of the anchors in the base material the better the holding values
  • For this project, you’ll need two people and it should take you half an hour to complete. You’ll also need a fence base post support, a fence post, a hammer drill, masonry drill bits, concrete fixing bolts, a spirit level, an adjustable spanner, and a ratchet set
  • Put a fence base post support onto the concrete where your post needs to be fixed. Mark four drilling holes with a pencil or a quick blast of the drill 
  • Then drill into the concrete using a hammer drill and masonry drill bits. Move the post support back over the holes and fix it into place with the concrete fixing bolts
  • Insert the post and tighten up the bolts to hold the post in place. Use the spanner and ratchet set for the job
  • A top tip here is to tighten the bottom two bolts first as this will help to make sure the post is upright while you’re tightening the bolts. Keep checking with your spirit level to make sure the post stays vertical

How To Install Barrette Aluminum Fence 

Before installing your barrette aluminum fence there are a few things that you need to do. First, check your local fence codes, have your utilities marked, measure and plan the fenced area, clear the fence path of any obstructions, reserve your tools, rent if you need to, buy Quikrete and have it delivered, unpack material, and take inventory. 


  • A post hole digger
  • A shovel
  • A level
  • Hacksaw
  • Tape measure
  • Electric screwdriver 
  • Hammer
  • String line
  • Wheelbarrow 
  • Quikrete 
  • Ground stakes 
  • Gravel 

When it comes to digging your hole there are two options, one is the common post hole digger that you can mainly use to dig your holes and the second is to go to one of your home improvement or rental locations and run a gas-powered auger. Let’s explain how you can finish your installation with a hundred percent success:

Step 1: Stake The String Lines

The first step in assembling your aluminum fence is determining corner and end post locations and running stake and string lines. For each run determine your corner posts and end post locations. Then drive stakes into the ground a few feet beyond that posing. So the string lines can cross making a 90-degree angle. Run a tight string line between the stakes to mark the fence line. 

Step 2: Secure Corners And The Gate Posts

Take your holes at least six inches in diameter and two feet deep depending on the size of the posts. Pour some gravel inside the hole and measure to check the depth. If too shallow, keep digging. If too deep add some loose gravel. Set post and hole and measure to assure proper depth. Utilize a self-tapping screw partially screwed in at the bottom of your fence post. 

Once in a hole, it’ll allow concrete to adhere to it and it will keep your post from being able to be raised during freezing and thawing areas or wet conditions and keep your fence perfectly level. Go ahead and prepare your concrete. If you use Quikrete you only need to add water. You will need 60 pounds per post hole depending on the size that you dig and the size of the post ordered. 

Mix it on the side so your post will stand by themselves as it dries next. Shovel your mixed concrete around your pot, fill it to four inches below the ground level, pack the excavated dirt, and tighten it around the post. This will help keep your posts from moving. Make sure the post is plumb against the string line and check for level enough.

Step 3: Install Line Posts And All The Sections

Start at an end corner and or gate post and dig three holes in the direction of your fence line. The hole should be dug 71 quarter inches apart. On the center for 2-inch posts and six-foot-wide sections. This number will change if you’re using a larger post and 8-foot wide sections. 

Step 4: Sliding Fence 

The step is the sliding fence section into the starting corner or gate post. Then slid a line post on the opposite side. Then concrete the line post into the ground following the same steps as before of making sure it’s level and plumb with the line. Repeat this procedure down your fence, run installing section, and post the section line. Don’t forget to secure each section with a self-tapping screw provided by the manufacturer.

How Do You Tighten An Aluminum Fence Gate?

When you install an aluminum gate the only adjustment that you can do is on the latch. Due to weather or temperature change, you might find that the gate is not closing properly or it’s a bit lose or it’s not latching. 

If you are having this similar kind of problem with your fence gate then look closer and you’ll see the latches’ non-gate side will be hitting the locking as it should be. So to fix it take out the set screw of your latch and install it a bit higher so it can work properly. Make sure there is a little bit of gap in between but not too much. Then put your screw back in. 

You can also take out the part which is attached to the gate that locks the gate when you shut it off. You can also adjust its height by unscrewing the nuts and sliding it up or down to do the latch adjustment. Once you fix this problem your aluminum fence gate will be tight and sturdy. 

How To Install Aluminum Fence Gate Hinges 

When you are buying a fencing gate you’re probably not thinking too much about the smaller pieces like the hinges. There are lots of options available o the market and they are pretty easy and simple to install as well. 

  • Always install the hinges onto the gate first. And you have to spread these as far as possible. Start with the bottom of the top rail
  • Use self-tapping screws and screw them with a drill so they remain tight. Now line up your gate to make sure it is level. You have to line up the post cap to post cap
  • Use some extra help to hold on to the gate while you are screwing the other side of the hinges and drill down the screw the same way 
  • Now you need to put the flat rims into place. There will be simple a snap-fit and tap them with a rubber mallet to fix them in place
  • Lastly, adjust the tension of your gate by losing or tightening the set screws of the hinges

How Are To Install A Metal Fence 

When selecting a metal fence there are three options; chain-linked, aluminum, and cast-iron fence. Before you install a metal fence you need to measure the area you want to fence out so you know how many fences you’ll need. For example, for a 17 feet area, you’ll need two eight-foot fences, a four-foot-wide gate, and four two and a half inches wide posts.

  • First, take a post hole digger and dig two and a half foot deep holes to hold your posts. Install a level guideline before installing at posts
  • Loosely fit one of your post panels and level things up. When the post looks good, pour some gravel in the holes to allow drainage and then use fast-setting concrete to fix the post. When things look good install the rest of the fence in the same way
  • Loosely fit the gate in position to install the hinges and the latch. Put the post cap on and you are ready to use your new metal fence

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do You Install Aluminum Fence Gate Posts?

You need to do at least two and a half feet of the hole with a post digging tool where the post is going to sit. Make sure it’s level. Then use a fast-drying concrete to fix the post in place. 

How Do You Make An Aluminum Fence Gate?

First, measure the distance and height of your posts where the gate will be sitting. Then use the same kind of metal to make the gate. Measure all the metal pieces and cut them accordingly. Then weld all the pieces to make your DIY fence gate. You can paint your gate in the same color as your fence if you need to.

How Do You Install A Gate In A Metal Fence?

To install a metal fence gate loosely fit the gate with the post. Take your hinges and a drill to screw all the nuts both ways. Strat screwing from the bottom. Then install your preferred latch according to the manual. You can also install a gate stopper if you want or install self-closing hinges instead. 

How Hard Is It To Install An Aluminum Fence? 

It is not at all hard to install an aluminum fence and you can DIY it with some extra help from your partner so they can hold the posts or fence gate when the time comes. There are lots of information and techniques you can find online to help you out with this process. 

How Much Concrete Do I Need For An Aluminum Fence Post?

Usually, you’ll need 2 to 3 bags of concrete per post but the actual amount depends on the depth of your home, size of your post, the soil type, fence design, etc. 

How Much Should The Gap Be Between The Metal Gate And The Post?

There is no standard sizing for metal gate and post gaps. But usually, there is a gap of 2 to 3 inches in between. 

How Do You Fit A Metal Gate?

To fit a metal gate you need to install the fence panels first with concrete. Then install the gate with hinges, gate stopper, and latch. 

How Do You Hang A Metal Garden Gate?

To hang a metal garden gate the first thing you need is to work on the mounting strips which are going to be drilled and screwed down with the walls. When you have installed the strips in place you need you then need to purchase the right kind of doors that can be hung with those strips and lastly attach any traditional latch on top of the door opening. 

Is It Easy To Install An Aluminum Fence? 

Yes! Usually, it is very easy to install an aluminum fence if you have the right set of tools, some extra help, and the proper knowledge of the installation process. 

Which Is Cheaper Wood Or Aluminum? 

Wood is a lot cheaper than aluminum.

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Final Verdict 

How To Install Aluminum Fence Gate and doors in your garden or your pool area doesn’t have to be very difficult when you can do it on your own with the right tools and knowledge and some extra help to get through the whole process. We have mentioned all kinds of gate and fence installation processes that you can read to enhance your knowledge furthermore.

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