How To Fill Void Under Bathtub (Details Guide)


There are many irritation problems you can run into and again in construction, there are just too many of them if you have a void under your bathtub. So if you have already installed your tub or are about to then you should check out the things you need to consider before installation or the solutions of How to Fill Void Under Bathtub that we tried to solve for you.

It does not matter if you want to DIY this yourself or if you are a professional who’s looking for solutions you can give only of them a try. 

Things You Need To Know Before Installing Your Bathtub

The first thing you need to make sure of before installation is that you have to make sure that that base of your tub is completely and perfectly level and you make a proper support system to support your tub from underneath and it is rock solid.

What we mean by that is if you want to be able to step in the tub and stomp on it and you don’t have to worry about this thing cracking.

Because you’re going to have a lot of water inside the tub and a lot of weight and when you step on it you do not want the tub to flex at all, move at all, or squeak or crack. 

If you have electricity going to this tub for light or for your Jacuzzi or anything like that and the water supply; you make sure it is shut off at the main before you get into the tub installation or fixing. 

How To Fill Void Under Bathtub

Your job is going to be to find the easiest spot and product which you can use to fix your void under the bathtub to eliminate any problem that might occur. Here we have mentioned several ways and solutions you can use according to the type of your problem. Choose which you find the most helpful and do some extra adjustments you want throughout the process. 

How to Fill Void Under Bathtub

The first thing that will that you can do you settle down your bathtub has put some type of bed underneath. That’s going to strengthen it up. So put a mortar bed down with the frame holding the tub. Put the mortar bed a little bit higher than the tub.

It’s going to sit down and push down into that mortar bed so it conforms to it. Another thing is you should cut a plastic bag and put it on top of the n=mortar bed so the mortar does not stick to your tub. Then you can proceed with the rest of the installation process. 

But what about the problems you are facing after you have installed it? Like whenever you step on your tub you might hear an irritating squeaky noise. That means your tub might have voids underneath your tub. So what you can do for this is use plaster of Paris in the empty places under your tub so it gets the support it needs. 

You can also cut some holes somewhere where you can use a self-leveling compound which is a product used to level concrete floors. You can mix it a little more watery than normal and even if you mix it following the regular manufacturer’s instructions.

As this product takes a little longer to completely dry out it seems to flow into gaps and cracks. You can mix this and pour or squeeze it through the hole you made. And it will settle down in the places where it should be blocking all the voids under your tub. 

Another solution to fix voids under tubs is using spray foam which is very popular among professionals. But first, you need to detect the places which need fixing. Then make 2 to 3 holes through which you can push the spray foams to fix the voids. You can use a long tube and attach a wire to make it straight and it will be easy to insert into the holes.

Now attach that tube with the nozzle of your spray and secure it with tape. Now spray generously so all the empty places and voids get coated and there is no void left. Now you can fill up those holes with plaster and paint them. 

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Final Verdict

We hope from all these ways at least one will be helpful for you. But if you have any doubt about yourself or don’t understand How to Fill Void Under Bathtub then we recommend you to take a professional’s help so you can avoid any other mistake. 

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