How To Cut Stainless Steel Without Discoloration (3 Easy Steps)

Stainless steel is about 200 times more corrosion-resistant than any mild steel. It needs great balance and special tools to work with stainless steel. Because if you don’t, you can easily damage your expensive blades and not even make a dent in the metal. 

If you want to cut any sort of stainless steel pipe or bar you need to wear all kinds of protective gear first. Then adjust the blade and the height of the machine. Tighten the clamps so it doesn’t slip. Then with a medium speed range start your machine and slowly start cutting your stainless steel. If there is too much smoke or spark happening, spray a little bit of water and cut. 

Other than these kinds of cautionary measures you also need a lot more things to know when working with one of the hardest metals in the welding field that we have explained right down below. 

How To Cut Stainless Steel Without Discoloration

How To Cut Stainless Steel Without Discoloration, Cutting or drilling holes in stainless steel can be incredibly difficult because it can harden if you’re drilling it. If you try to make a hole in a 316 gauge non-magnetic stainless steel bar using a traditional hole saw it will burn out very quickly.

Or if you are cutting through a stainless steel bar that is for example 20mm square, it is extremely difficult when you are at home. If you’re in an engineering workshop it’s a piece of cake as you can just put that on a metal cutting bandsaw, you can cut that all day long accurately. You could also put that in a vise and cut through it using an angle grinder. 

But if you’re doing lots of it and you’re making something it is extremely difficult and time-consuming. So if you are doing a lot of muscle work, a metal cutting chop saw is an extremely valuable kit. With this, you can cut stainless steel tubs, bars, angles, etc.  

How To Cut Stainless Steel Without Discoloration

Step 1

Before you jump into action you need to wear some heavy-duty gloves, eye protection, ear protection, and a dust mask. Another thing that you need by your side is a good fire extinguisher just in case. 

Step 2

So first, you have to adjust the machine and start with the clump which will hold it securely in place. It’s important when you use a machine like this that you tighten the clump very securely. That will stop the workpiece from moving. Also, you need to bring the machine down very slowly. If you bring that down too quickly onto the workpiece you could shatter the blade. 

Step 3

You also need to choose the right blade while cutting a stainless steel bar and adjust it to the correct height. Now place the bar under the blade and hold it tight. Start the machine and slowly pull it through the stainless steel bar. 

If you notice too much smoke coming through the bar then stop and spray some plain water on top. This will lubricate and cool down the blade a bit. Also, it will lessen the number of sparks. After cutting a stainless steel bar or pipe like this the best opinion will probably be a metal cutting bandsaw.

What Kind Of Blade Do You Use To Cut Stainless Steel

People often buy the best blades from the stores to cut stainless steel but get disappointed when the blade does not work as they thought it would. So obviously if you do cut stainless steel, you need a special blade that is specially made for stainless steel. So whenever you are purchasing a blade for stainless steel cutting you need to look for the manufacturers’ guide where you will find the details. 

If you are using a circular saw and need to cut a lot of it in a workshop environment, you are much better off using a metal-cutting bandsaw. These saws are very noisy so you should use a pair of earplugs and safety glasses. Install the blade on your saw and when cutting, put gentle pressure on the blade and let it do the cutting manually. 

But there is another thing that you need to know, there is no such thing as a stainless steel blade. What there is, is there are different types of blades such as the standard M42 blade or the master blade or master supreme, and the Titan MU blade which is a carbide. It’s not down to having a blade just for cutting stainless steel. 

It’s more down to the tooth pitch and the diameter of the material that’s being cut. Because any of those blades can cut stainless steel, you must correct tooth pitch to cut that material. Otherwise, it just won’t work. 

What Is The Best Blade To Cut Stainless Steel 

There are a couple of blades that can give a perfect cut when it comes to cutting a stainless steel pipe or bar or sheet? Chop saw blades are designed to cut metal costing anywhere from 40 to 140 dollars. All of the blades from this list can cut stainless steel the smoothest, the fastest, and causes less heat buildup. So the list of best blades is given down below:

Blade name Description  
WEN For $48, this blade can cut any stainless steel pipes smoothly. It has ultra-thin 2.4mm 66 carbide teeth that provide efficient cuts. It is made in Thailand and weighs only 3.27 pounds. 
IRWINFor $68 this blade comes with 80 sharp teeth. It provides laser-cut, anti-vibration vents that keep the blade cool for smooth and accurate cuts. It cuts metal instead of grinding to make a smooth finish. Its anti-kickback 2 shoulder reduces dust and sparks for safer cuts. 
Evolution For $87 this blade has high-grade carbide teeth offering increased durability. Its hardened steel body ensures the blade runs truer for longer designed specifically to cut stainless steel. 
Oshlun This blade comes in $92 with 80 specially formulated C6 micro-grain carbide and titanium teeth. It lasts longer and leaves a but-free cut. It has laser-cut expansion slots designed to cut stainless steel studs, angles, pipes, etc. 
Makita With 72 carbide tip teeth, this blade costs $127. It is made in China and weighs 3.05 pounds only. 
Dewalt For $135 this blade has a fifty percent longer life. It includes 66 carbide teeth, is crafted with twelve percent titanium carbide, and minimizes runout.  

What Happens When You Cut Stainless Steel

Anybody who works in the welding field has to deal with working with stainless steel. You’re either going to have to cut it or drill it or do something with it. So that’s why if you are new in this field, you need to understand how this metal reacts when you cut it. 


Many people try to lubricate their stainless steel while trying to cut or make a hole in it and they make a mistake by using oil on the surface. But that will not at all when it comes to metal like this. It will eventually create a lot of smoke and make your tool dull eventually. So all you need is to spray some water on that surface to cut the stainless steel. 

As stainless steel contains chromium and it is relatively hard. So when you try to drill or cut this metal it creates friction and heat and that makes your tool dull. That’s why if you use water it will cool down the tool head and also lubricate the surface making the cutting easier.

Slow speed 

Another thing when working with stainless steel is to slow your tool down, you don’t want to go at a high speed. If you go at a high speed there will be a lot more friction and your blade will get dull very fast. So you need to slow down your tool to reduce the friction and reduce the heat and your sharpness will last longer. That’s why reduce the temptation to pull that trigger down and cut real fast. 


Is Stainless Steel Harder To Cut?

Stainless steel has 0.08 percent carbon, 18 to 20 percent chromium, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, and many other concoctions which makes it one of the hardest metals when it comes to cutting. It is also 0.28 pounds per cubic inch dense. The ultimate tensile strength of stainless steel is seventy-three thousand two hundred pounds. 

When cutting any other metal you don’t have to be very specific about the speed or blade or the saw. But you work with stainless steel even the simplest hack maters. Because you can not cut it with just any blade that you have on deck. You have to choose the right kind of diamond carbide blade with the right kind of pressure. So all that means is unlike any other metal stainless steel is for sure harder to cut. 

Will A Hacksaw Cut Stainless Steel?

When it comes to cutting any plastic or metal pipe, a hacksaw comes in handy and with a little bit of effort, it can cut most kinds of metals or plastics. But when it comes to stainless steel which is one of the hardest metals, it can be very tricky. If you are using any thin pipe or plate then you can probably cut it using a hacksaw. But if it’s a 304 or 316 gauge stainless steel bar or angle then it might not work as there is a definite chance that your hacksaw blade will get dull and scrape off. 

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Final Verdict

As stainless steel contains 10 to 20 percent chromium, it is the main alloying element and helps to make stainless steel extremely corrosion resistant. That’s why you need to be knowledgeable before working with this kind of metal so you don’t damage your expensive tools. 

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