How To Color Stainless Steel (4 Easy Steps)

Colouring stainless steel objects are like a new revolution in the metal industry. It makes your objects shinier and adds vibrant colors to them. There are many techniques that you can use to color your stainless steel and that’s awesome. So if you are looking for a way to color your favorite stainless steel objects you are surely in the right place. 

How To color stainless steel you need to clean it with soapy water or rubbing alcohol very well so there is no fingerprint or debris on the surface. Then use a blowtorch to heat the whole area evenly at a certain temperature to achieve the right kind of color or even create multi colors on the same surface. Then let the object air cool. 

But there are other easier ways to do the same type of coloring and if you are getting excited to know more about that you should give this a read thoroughly. 

How To Color Stainless Steel?

When coloring stainless steel, you can try to oxidize it to give the object a nice golden hue. To do that you can use a paragon oven. You need to preheat the oven to 620 degrees which will be hot enough to give it a nice color. For more intense color you have to increase the temperature and the baking time as well. This method works best with smaller stainless steel objects. 

Step 1: If the metal is not very clean it will not look shiny enough after the coloring process. Use soapy water and a brush to scrub and clean the object. Use a twister or some kind of hook or pliers to pull up the metal. 

Step 2: When preheating the oven is done, take off the lid of the oven and place the stainless steel piece into the oven, and close. 

Step 3: Turn the heat up of the oven up to 700 degrees and wait for a certain time. Check the coloring process in between so you know how much more time it needs. 

Step4: When you are happy with the color you can pull it out and let it air cool. 

How To Color Stainless Steel

How To Color Stainless Steel Black 

To darken stainless steel you can use a solution called NI Black 40. This solution will give you a charcoal to black finish on any stainless steel surface. For this solution, you can use an alloy 304 sheet. Unlike most metals, the surface of stainless steel is very passive. So to color, the sheet, follow the process explained down below:

  • It’s required to gently sand or descale the surface. Use 220 grit sandpaper on a plan sander. Use rotating motion while sanding
  • Once the piece is sanded go ahead and apply the solution with a simple paintbrush. Feather the solution in a circular motion. Pay close attention to any edges, corners, or areas that need a touch-up
  • When the part is completely darkened it’s a good idea to tap the surface with your brush to further even out the tone
  • Once you are finished rinse the sheet completely with water and air dry. You can apply a clear coat on top if you want. It will enhance the look of the final piece
  • Use acrylic 1045 flat clear coat. When the sheet is clear coated the final piece is strongly bonded black oxide on stainless steel 

How To Color Stainless Steel Gold

If you want to change the color of your stainless steel product to a gold color you can use Farbe stainless steel folder gloss coating solution over the surface. But first, you have to polish the surface and clean it with alcohol so there is no dust or oil left on the surface. This process requires two types of solution mix, which are lacquer solution and hardener solution. 

Take 20ml hardener solution and 80ml lacquer solution in a jar and mix them well.  Now pour that solution on a spray machine. Now spray the solution over the stainless steel surface evenly. You will need three even coats of this solution to get the ultimate mirror golden color. This solution is durable and cost-effective and also protects the surface from scratching. 

How To Color Stainless Steel Green 

If you want to use the heating process to color your stainless steel, you can do that. It works best for 304 and 316-grade stainless steel but it’s not ideal for 202 stainless. Because that color we achieve based on oxidation and you can damage your metal on a bigger surface. 

So if you want to achieve an even and consistent finish over stainless steel you can use the solution from Farbe. It is a two-part lacquer-based solution and you need to mix this resin with the hardener and the mixing ratio is four ratio one. And to have a scratch-proof surface you need to spray an anti-scratch coat on top. 

  • To start this process you need to clean the surface. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any fingerprint trace or oil or dust from the surface. Then use a lint-free cloth to wipe the surface off 
  • You’ll need a paint spray gun to spray the solution on the surface. Assemble the gun according to the guideline 
  • Buy the color green from this brand and mix according to the measurement and pour the mix into the spray gun 
  • Use a circular motion while applying the paint over the surface. Do 3 to 4 coats of paint on top. Let the paint dry for seven days before applying the top coat 

How To Color Stainless Steel Red 

To achieve a unique red-colored effect over stainless reel or any bright metal surfaces you’ll need to follow just one easy step by using Duplicolor’s metal cast anodized coating. It has a very unique finish for the fact that it is a clear coat colorized. It is heat resistant up to 500 degrees. There are many colors available and make sure you’ve selected the right shade of red. 

Step 1

You have to make sure the surface is clean. Use a multi-purpose foaming prep cleaner and spray on the surface and wipe with wipes so the surface is nice and glossy. 

Step 2

Once the surface is clean and dry, mask off any areas to protect from overspray. Before applying, shake the can vigorously for one full minute so the mixing ball moves freely. Shake the can for 10 seconds after each minute of use. Always remember to spray in a well-ventilated area. 

Step 3

When applying metal cast color over the surface apply in four to five light even coats. Therefore not to ruin the paint. Since the metal cast is a transparent colored clear, each additional coat will darken the color. Ideal application conditions are when temperatures are between 60 and 85 degrees F with low humidity. 

Step 4

Then apply the red color evenly so each coat can achieve the desired look. Apply all coats within one hour allowing 10 minutes between coats. For additional coats after one hour wait seven days for the paint to cure. Dries to the touch in one hour can be handled within three hours. 

How To Permanently Color Stainless Steel 

There are many ways to color stainless steel but if you want to permanently color your stainless steel objects then only the heating technique works best. Because in all the other coloring techniques the colors will eventually fade or crack away. But the heating technique works best on smaller objects as the heat can warp bigger stainless steel objects. For this technique, you can use a propane torch to heat it to allow the color to change. 

As you start to heat the metal, the color will start to change from a silver to a goldish brown and then from there to a purple and then when you get it hot enough dark blue to a light blue. That means the less heat will create the lighter color, the more the darker the color will be. You can find the color chart online and also the temperature requirement for that certain color.

So you have to pre the surface before you start heating or else you won’t get the color accuracy and finish. So use any degreaser or rubbing alcohol to clean off the surface very well. You can use a thermal camera which will show you the temperatures with different colorations. Then all you need is to apply heat to the surface and create your desired shade. 

How To Color Stainless Steel With Heat

The coloring technique that we are going to explain here, can be used on any type of stainless steel article and this will take your stainless steel work to a new level. This technique requires direct heating on the surface. The basic code is that, if you warm the stainless steel at a certain temperature it will alter its hue. 

Torch installation 

For the heating application, you can use a Butane torch, a two-part construction; the nozzle and the can. All you have to do is, align the torch head on to the notch and turn clockwise. Use a lighter to create fire on the torch. 


For the base use a refractory brick, as it is capable of holding a very high temperature. If you have smaller items then use this brick. 

Cleaning Process

To do the cleaning process you can use a glass cleaner but acetone or mineral spirit also works very well. If there is oil remaining on the surface then you will not be able to get a uniform coating. 


If you want to color your stainless steel through heat then follow the temperature scale for the specific color:

Yellow- 230 c

Brown- 250 c

Purple- 260 c

Blue- 290 c

Red- 650 c

Colouring process 

The key to getting an even nice color is by making sure that the surface gets an even heat and if that doesn’t happen then you might overheat the surface and the color gets jumped and will give you an uneven finish. So you need to constantly move the torch so it touches all the surfaces at the same time. 

Go from lighter to a darker color. When heating the surface keep checking for the right color and apply heat if you need the color to develop further. From the color palette, you can check for the required temperature to achieve that specific color. 

The lighter the color the less temperature it requires and the darker the color the more temperature will be needed. This way you can do multi-color playing on the surface by adding different temperatures on each surface so the colors blend well. 


Can You Add Color To Stainless Steel?

Yes, you can. There are many techniques like heating, painting, spraying, and baking used for coloring stainless steel objects. 

Can Stainless Steel Be Painted? 

Yes, you can paint stainless steel in any color you want and there are specific solutions and paints available on the market made for coloring stainless steel. 

How Do You Make A Stainless Steel Rainbow?

To create a rainbow effect on a stainless steel surface you need a torch and the correct information about the temperature while heating. Lighter yellow or golden colors need low temperature whereas darker blue, purple or red need more heating time and temperature. So while heating the surface add more and less temperature to different areas to create the rainbow effect. 

How Can I Color Steel At Home?

You can use a blow torch or spray paint or chemical solution to color steel, stainless steel, or any metal. But do your research before using any technique to achieve the perfect color and shine. 

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Final Verdict

Seeing only silver-colored stainless steel products, furniture, or ornaments is long gone. Because now you can paint anything stainless steel in any color and also create a rainbow effect on the surface which looks more extravagant and eye-catching. 

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