How To Use Scalp Massager The Perfect Way

You might have seen scalp massager brushes while scrolling down social media and felt curious about them or you might be skeptical about it going to work as they claim. So in this article, we are going to separate fact from fiction and explain to you How To Use Scalp Massager in the perfect way and also the benefits of using them. So keep on reading down below.

These brushes the very inexpensive and you can get yourself one just by spending a few dollars. They last a lifetime and they are very effective. 

Benefits Of Using A Scalp Massager

The great thing about these scalp massager slash silicon shampoo brushes is that you hit two birds with one. Not only you can wash your hair but you can also improve blood flow through massaging the scalp feeding the hair follicle with the nutrients that they need to grow.

How To Use Scalp Massager

So if you are serious about getting your healthy hair back and you want to take a scientific approach that doesn’t involve nasty side effects then use one of these scalp massager brushes make sure to follow our how to use scalp massager perfect way. There are many benefits to using a scalp massager. 

Spreads Shampoo Evenly

The first thing that it does is, it spread shampoo evenly. This means that you can get away with using slightly less shampoo than if you were using your fingers. Now, this is particularly important if you’re using a standard shampoo bought from the supermarket.   

Stimulate Blood Flow

The second thing that this kind of brush does is, stimulate blood flow. With this, you can gently clean your scalp and unlock pores and you can also massage the scalp. So for hair regrowth, this works absolutely like magic. 

Reduce Scalp Tension 

The third thing that this kind of device does is reduce scalp tension. When your scalp is tense that means more blood flow is being restricted. So when getting your healthy hair back you want to ensure that blood flow is being increased. 

Break Up Scalp Calcification And Fibrosis

Fibrosis on the scalp is made up of an over-accumulation of collagen which is a massive cause of baldness. So it makes sense to start taking proactive actions now before it gets worse and you can do that by using one of these scalp brushes. 

How To Use Scalp Massager

To use a scalp messenger AKA a shampoo brush you might need to install batteries in it. So how do you do that? Let’s give you an outlook. 


It is super easy to install scalp messenger with a vibrating mood. So first you’re going to need a double-a battery which doesn’t come included most of the time. Now you have to twist the handle from the lock to the open position and separate the bristle head. 

To open up the battery compartment use a smaller screwdriver and unscrew the screw where the battery goes. Now insert your battery and screw it back tightly so no water can get in. lastly lock it back into position and you are good to go. 

To avoid all this installation you can also go with a regular one which does not require any additional batteries. That is up to you. 

Using Technique 

Now to get a good grip on the massager place the round handle and hold it right between your index and your middle finger. So it will be secure in the palm of your hand. This kind of massager can be used in dry and wet conditions so you can use them while you are taking a shower or applying oil into your hair. 

First gently wet your hair and apply shampoo all over your hair. Now take your massager and start working this out massager through your hair. So just turn on the massager and use a circular motion to get all of that oil build-up that’s on your scalp. 

This way you’re getting all that stuff right out of there. You will instantly feel a lot lighter just from using the brush. Now if you were to use your hands you might scratch your scalp and that will irritate your scalp and that’s not good. 

The bristles on this scalp massager are so soft that it feels like a lot of small soft fingers massaging your scalp. It just does a better job than using your hand alone. And a lot of time your arms get tired if you have a lot of hair when using your hands. 

So when you’re using this device it does a lot of work. All you have to do is just rotate your hand around. You don’t have to get up in there and apply a lot of pressure. If you are thinking about tangling your hair with the massager then, you don’t have to worry cause it will not tangle your hair at all. It also reduces hair fall when you at the shower. 

For better outcomes use this device every day for at least 3 to 5 minutes. Or you can also use this while doing your oil treatments. On this we need to add, is avoid using this brush in your bolding areas. When you are done using the brush wash your hair with lukewarm water and let your hair airdry. 

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Final Verdict

With that being said now you know why do you need this kind of device in your life. Even if your hair looks perfect you might need one of these scalp massagers for regular hair treatment. So if you have found this how to use a scalp massager the perfect way write-up helpful then let your friends and family know about it and encourage them to give it a read themselves. 

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