How To Install Baseboard Trim In Simple And Easy Steps

Replacing or installing brand new baseboards and trim is one of the easiest DIY projects that you can o and that makes it a great option for beginners. You don’t need any specialized tools or anything crazy.

Although I will admit that having access to a power miter saw and a nail gun is definitely going to make your life easier. So in this article, we’re going to show How To Install Baseboard Trim you are going to replace an existing trim on a small entranceway bathroom. 

So if you are looking for a better option to do this kind of baseboard project, then keep on reading our how to install baseboard trim in simple and easy steps.

How To Takeout The Existing Baseboard Trim

If you already have an existing baseboard that you need to take out use can use a utility knife to break the drywall between the boards and the wall that was created by the caulking. This helps to loosen things up and should prevent any peeling of the paint or the drywall surface beneath during the removal.

Then use two pry bars to pull the boards away from the wall as you’ll around removing everything. Using two bars helps to remove bigger sections of trim at the same time without breaking things into smaller pieces. 

How To Install Baseboard Trim

Removing this way can help speed up the process compared to having to remove a whole bunch of little tiny broken pieces all over the place. You might have small spots on the side of the door where there will be a tiny little piece of trim up against the door jamb, so just use a smaller pry bar to get in there and be able to pry it off. 

A screwdriver or a chisel would work just the same as well. Working around the sink and toilet and all the plumbing might take a little bit longer and break you might have to break larger pieces in half to be able to get them out. 

Once you have removed all the old baseboards removed take a scraper and go around and clean up all the walls so that your new boards would have a nice flat surface to attach to. Work your way all around the room until you’ve cleaned up everything and made look good.

In a couple of sports, you might encounter some old nails stuck in the walls. So just use a pair of pliers to rock them back and forth until you can pull them out. At this point take a shop vacuum and clean up all the dust, dirt, and debris that was left all over the floors this is also a good time to double-check to make sure you didný miss any nails or old caulking material on the walls. 

How To Install Baseboard Trim

When you are ready to install your new baseboard follow the steps down below for a flawless result with perfection.  So let’s discuss the step-by-step process of How To Install Baseboard Trim

Step 1: Take The Measurements 

To start planning for the new baseboards take your time and carefully measure each wall to make sure you are being as accurate as you possibly can. Because you want to minimize the gaps between the boards and also ensure a nice tight snug fit. 

Use a measuring tape to go around the room and take all of your measurements. You can also make a rough sketch of the layout and record all of your numbers on there. So that’s going to help you when you start cutting and also you can know which pieces go where when it’s time to install.  

Step 2: Cut The Baseboard Trims

Once you are satisfied with your measurements mark your new baseboards and start cutting. If your room is pretty much a square with a 45-degree wall for the door, you’ll need 45-degree angle cuts on everything for the straight walls and 22.5 for the angled wall. This number is given just for example purposes. So it can change according to your project. 

For the angled wall use an electric power saw to make your cuts but you can always use a manual or hand miter saw as well. It’ll just take you a little bit longer. Tray to choose your new baseboards a bit thicker than the old ones. 

If your do, then cut a bevel or a taper on some small pieces that are going to butt up against the trim. On both sides of the door jambs just to add a little bit more aesthetics. 

Step 3: Install The Baseboard Trims

With the help of the sketch, you’ve made earlier take all your fresh cut boards and slid them right into place, and get to work securing everything to the wall with your nail hun. Use nails every 16-inch apart and also in the corner to get a nice strong connection to the wall. 

Now take out a tube of paintable caulking and go around to fill all the gaps at the corners and also along the entire top edge around the room. Now fill out all the nail holes with a sandable wood filler compound.  

Once your compound is dry sand everything smooth and switches it with fine grit for a smooth finish. You need to spend some more time checking and making the last finishing touches that your work might need for maintaining perfection. Lastly, paint white your new baseboards to match the room color. 

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Final Verdict 

So that’s going to be it for the How To Install Baseboard Trim in simple and easy steps guidelines. Hope you’ve found your solution and an easy process to get it done with. 

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