How To Store Backpack Blower In The Garage (4 Easy Steps)

A lot of gardening tools can be tricky to keep organized and well stored because they come in all kinds of odd shapes and sizes. A lot of time they just end up in a pile in the corner of the garage. We have got plenty of systems and tricks to help you get that area organized once and for all. You’ll find all those ideas right down below with detailed information. 

How To Store Backpack Blower follow the regular maintenance steps first. Such as emptying the fuel tank, and checking the spark plug and air compressor. Then use a built-in DIY rack made of wood boards or a PR blower rack to store your backpack blower engine side down. There is no need to take out the blower nozzle while storing. Just keep the whole thing intact as it is. 

There are some other great ideas that anyone can apply while storing their backpack blowers which you will find here that can save you money and your storage space at the same time. 

How To Store Backpack Blower In The Garage

To store a backpack blower in the garage you’ll need to cut some 2x4s according to the width of your studs first. Then pre-drill those pieces so that you can use the self-tapping screws later on. To hang the blower you have to use the PR blower racks. 

How To Store Backpack Blower

Step 1:

For the height measurement, you need to measure the height of the blower from the bottom to the top nozzle. If you have a detachable nozzle on your blower you can just take that apart and then hang it. But if you don’t then you’ll need to measure the whole unit.

Step 2:

Now it’s time to install the brace plates. To the studs. Place the plates up against the studs and use a drill with self-tapping screws to attach them to the wall. Use a level to check if the plates are straight. 

Step 3:

Place the rack on top of the plate straight and steady and use the drill to attach them in place. They might be heavy, so use some extra hands to hold the rack while you drill. These racks are perfect to hold any kind of backpack blower nicely. 

Step 4:

At this point, everything is still kind of loose. So you have placed the backpack blower on the rack and then get everything aligned to fit nicely. When all the things will be aligned the final result will be amazing and very handy. You’ll be able to hang your backpack blower for a longer time in this manner and they will remain nice and intact.  

How To Store Leaf Blower For Winter

Before you store your leaf blower for the winter you need to take a look at the maintenance procedure first. So there are three major things that you need to look at before winterizing your leaf blower:

  • You need to look at the fuel: As you might already know that fuel remains usable for about 30 days inside the fuel tank. So you always have to use fresh fuel. 
  • You need to check the spark plug: You have to check your air filter before every use. It is a porous material designed to let air flow through. So it is going to collect dirt. That’s why you should never directly shoot air from an air compressor. 
  • You need to check the air filtration: Routinely check your spark plug. If it shows signs of distress or aging you have to replace that. If everything looks perfect then you can move on to the storing part.

When you are storing your leaf blower for a long time the first thing you need to do is remove any fuel that’s left in the gas tank and it’s okay to dump that fuel back in your gas can. When the tank is empty, start your machine and let it run until it turns off. Now you can store it on a long time basis. If you don’t have any rack or shelf to store the blower you can keep it on the floor. Just turn the blower’s engine side down before storing. 

Diy Backpack Blower Rack For Garage

For this kind of storage, you have to install a wall track system. It works just awesome because it has a ton of different attachments. So it can hold everything from hooks to giving storage to rakes and heavy-duty baskets. So everything that you have in your garage will get up and off the ground. 

It’s really easy to work with and all you need is a drill bit and a set of screws. To have to start attaching the tracks from the center with the screws from left to the right and screw them right to the studs. You can use a stud finder to find those studs. You can leave a little bit of space between each track but you also could stack them. 

It comes with a bunch of attachment options for you. Everything from shelves to simple brackets that are great for hanging shoves or a leaf blower. So the whole idea is to get as much as possible up off the ground. You can also hand other heavy machines you have on you. 

How Do I Store My Shed Blower?

If you have a shed that has a lot of space but you don’t know how to properly utilize it for storage then we have some cool DIY ideas just for you. 

  1. If you have a lot of lost storage space you can build a ladder to get up to it instead of using a step stool all the time. For this simply cut some two by fours to the length needed and screw them directly into the face of the studs. 
  2. For yard equipment like weed eaters, use some duct material. Hold the weed eater up to the board and mark the width of the neck. Then cut out about a three-inch deep slot with a bandsaw. Attach two pieces of scrap 2×4 to the inside of the studs and then place the pre-made shelf on top of it. Now you can rest the weed eater on this shelf. 
  3. Follow the same process for a lot of other items like the chainsaw. Make sure to stagger those three-inch deep slits on the shelves so that the blade of the one on top would avoid the body of the one below it. 
  4. For the extension cords, use a 2×4 and secure it rough to the wall with a half-inch hole diagonally counterbored to the center and cut a half-inch piece of dowel to lean and you’ll have a peg to hang the extension cords. Use the same kind of dowel to hand your leaf blower as well. 
  5. For the hand yard tools like the shovels and racks, use the inside of the suds as much as possible. Use the same shelf method but in these shelves pre-drill and then screw them directly into the studs. 


Can A Backpack Blower Get Rained On?

Yes, backpack blowers can easily get rained on as most of them are not waterproof. If you have an electric blower you need to be more careful while using it in damp weather. It is advised to not use any leaf blower during the rain as rainwater can easily seep into the machine. But if there is water on the outside it probably won’t harm. So keep your blower inside your garage or your shed to skip any damage. 

How Do You Hang A Backpack Blower On A Wall?

There are several ways people use to hang their backpack blowers safely. There are heavy-duty backpack b.ower racks specifically made for storage purposes. They are made of strong steel and hold a lot of weight. You can also make some DIY hangers for your backpack blower’s storage. 

You can make wooden dowels attaching to the studs in your shed or garage. They also work perfectly. You can use steel baskets or hangers to hang your backpack blower. So the storing process completely depends on personal preference. 

How Do You Store A Gas Blower?

To store a gas blower you need to make sure that the fuel tank is fully empty. Make sure to run out all the fuel that is inside the engine of the blower. Check the air filter and the spark plug before storing. You can use ready-made baskets or racks or hangers to story a gas blower. But if you don’t have any of those and not planning to get one then you can also just place the blower in a corner on the ground. 

Final Verdict 

We all know how helpful leaf blowers are in keeping our messy backyard or garden. The more fun it is to use, the easier it is to use. All you need is to find your preferable way which is not that costly but effective to use. 

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